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The Secrets Of Your Lover

Divine Knowledge

Kannan M

Astrology is Divine Knowledge given to Mankind by God. Love Match Astrology reveals the secrets of your lover even before you love him.

It tells you if he is honest, or if he is a fraud. It guides you whether to love him or run miles away from him.

It warns you if your lover cheats. It enables you to judge him through your compatible astrology signs.

It tells you about his love, strength, and his weakness. It gives you highly useful advice on your love matters. It also helps you in your personal life.

Your Fifth House

The most practical information in love match astrology is to know if your love partner will live long enough and be lucky, or if he will be fortunate and rich. Unless he is, you can not enjoy your love or marriage with him.

As per compatible astrology signs, your love matters are decided by your 5th house in your astrology chart. Your 5th cusp has a star lord and sub lord. That sub lord's location decides the fate and fortunes of your lover.

Your Love Planet

Love match astrology lets you know more about this sub lord. Suppose he occupies the constellation of a planet. That Planet becomes your Love Planet. Its location and aspects reveal to you all the secrets of your lover.

Love Significator

As per love match astrology, if your love planet occupies your 7th house or your 3rd house, your partner will be lucky and fortunate. Suppose your 1st house is Aries. Your 5th house from your 1st house is Leo.

If the sub lord of your 5th cusp is Venus and he occupies the constellation of Saturn, then Saturn becomes your Love Significator. If it occupies your compatible astrology signs, it gives you good luck in your love matters.

Will He Be Rich?

Love match astrology defines that if your love significator Saturn occupies Virgo or Gemini in your 6th or 3rd house, your lover will be fortunate and rich. These are the 2nd (wealth) and 11th (profit) houses for your Lover.

As per compatible astrology signs, you must look for that lover, who likes to spend his money for you. How can you find this? If Saturn also refers to your 2nd or 11th house matters, your lover will enjoy in spending for you.

Will He Flirt & Cheat?

Love match astrology reveals your lover's multiple love affairs and hidden love secrets. If Saturn occupies Gemini or Virgo, your partner will prefer variety in love. He will also be like that, if your 5th cusp falls in either sign.

Saturn signifies your love matters. As per compatible astrology signs, if Saturn occupies your 2nd or 4th house, he will make your family. He will be loyal to you. Here, your compatible astrology signs are Taurus and Cancer.

Will He Be Healthy?

Love Match Astrology also tells you, if your lover will have good health or suffer from illness. If Saturn refers to his 1st house, he will be strong and healthy. If it refers to his 6th house and not 1st, he will often be sick.

As per compatible astrology signs, he will be robust and healthy, if Saturn refers to Leo. He will recover quickly if it also refers to his 11th, or Gemini. He will suffer ill health, if Saturn refers to Capricorn or your 10th house.

Know His Secrets

Love match astrology helps young lovers in their choice of partners. How much better would it be, if you know in advance the character, finance, fortunes, health, and love secrets of your partner, before the love affair?

If you want to know these details about your lover, and also about your compatible astrology signs, you can take help from our contact page. You will get the author's expert opinion and his best advice for your questions.

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Leo Astrology Symbol gives you Courage and Enthusiasm. It is the Boldest of Astrology Signs. You exhibit Vigor, Vitality, Energy, and Drive. You are on the go Committed to achieve your Ambitions.
Love Match Astrology Tells All About Your Lover
Love Match Astrology tells if your Fiancé has many Love Affairs? If the sublord of his 5th cusp is in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo, it satisfies the first condition for his Multiple Affairs.
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Compatible Astrology Signs for Defeat of your Enemy are the 6th and 11th. Your 7th denotes Enemy. 6th is 12th to your enemy. Therefore if a matter refers to 6 and 11 it shows Defeat to your Enemy.
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How to find your Compatible Astrology Signs? It is the trillion dollar questions. You do not have a clear cut answer in Traditional Astrology. That is why you need to exercise Scientific Reasoning.
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Astrology Houses are 12 in Number. The 1st House shows your Health and Longevity. The 2nd House shows your second Marriage and Time of Death. Your 3rd House shows your Mind, Intellect, and Memory.
Astrology Houses 4, 5, 6 That Decide Your Fate
Among Astrology Houses the 5th refers to Races, Lottery, and Share Markets. It denotes Rape and Love Affairs. It also refers to Discrimination, Religious Mind, Morals, and Vedic Hymns and Mantras.
Astrology Houses 7 & 8 Decide Your Fate
Among Astrology Houses, your 8th House governs Accidents. It signifies Danger from your Enemies. It explains your wrong actions. It shows what you suffer by Attacks, Thefts, Robberies, and Raids.
Astrology Houses 9 & 10 That Decide Your Status
Among Astrology Houses, the 9th refers to Exploration, Invention, and Discoveries. It signifies Father and your Spiritual Teacher. It indicates your Dreams, Visions, and Communication with Spirits.
Astrology Houses 11 & 12 Decide Your Fate & Fortunes
Among Astrology Houses, the 12th shows how you lose money by Love Affairs, Thefts, and Blackmail. It shows money lost by Gifts and Charities. It governs money spent on Purchases and Investments.
Personalities of Astrology Signs –Finance And Fortune
Personalities of Astrology Signs reveal your scope for Financial Success. Know your Finance and Fortune from your Astrology Signs. Read results of that Sign where your Indicator of Fortune resides.
Personalities of Astrology Signs –Finance And Fortune-2
Personalities of astrology signs depend upon the Sub Lord of the Cusp of the House.. You consider the 1st House for Longevity. You analyze the 2nd House for Family, Wife, Finance, and Fortune.
Health Astrology Helps You To Prevent Disease And Enjoy Love
Health Astrology reveals the Health of your Partner, Before Marriage. If he is Frequently Sick, you can not enjoy Conjugal Bliss. Health Astrology helps to Avoid an Unhealthy Engagement or a Spouse.
Health Astrology -Identify Correct Sources Of Healing
Health Astrology helps you to identify the Susceptibility for Disease in your Glands, Organs, Systems, and Functions. The next step takes you Here, to locate the Correct Sources of Remedy.
Baby Astrology Signs & Their Meanings
Baby Astrology Signs give the clue for the future of the just born child. If the ascendant or the first cusp falls in a particular sign it has a meaning depending on its star lord and the sub lord.
What is Zodiac Astrology?
Zodiac Astrology tells you about the Zodiac and the Astrology Signs present in it. It also tells you about the movement of these Astrology Signs, & explains how it helps you to Predict Future Events.
Zodiac Signs Astrology Or Astrology Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Signs Astrology teaches you Predictive Astrology. If you learn, memorize, and remember the characteristics of each sign, you will be able to Predict the Personality of any Astrology Client.
Your True Astrology Sign Misleads You
Your true astrology sign is a misleading term. There is no such thing. Call it the sign of your ascendant. It is the starting point of your 1st astrology house. It is more important than that sign.
Astrology For Libra
Astrology For Libra tells you about your physical features, characteristics, finance and fortune, love, romance, health and disease if you have your ascendant in Libra based on Stellar Astrology.
Astrology Basics Meanings Of Technical Terms
Astrology Basics teach you the fundamental concepts in Predictive Astrology using Technical Terms while analyzing your Horoscope. This page gives you the meanings of these Astrology Terms.
Astrology History And Heritage
Astrology history dates back to Creation. It was gifted to man by God. It explains the Celestial Phenomena and the Corresponding Terrestrial Events. These are decided by the Stars and The Planets.
Definition Of Astrology Technical Terms
Definition of Astrology tells us the Celestial Movements of the Planets define our Terrestrial Events. This page helps you with the meanings of many Technical Terms in Astrology Basics.
Definition Of Astrology Terms
Definition of Astrology is difficult with out the Astrology Key Words. In this page Definition of Astrology is made simple by Defining every Technical Term used in Predictive Astrology.
Health Astrology –Let Astrology Guide You To Enrich Your Health!
Health Astrology guides us to take Precautions to avoid Health Problems. Only those Destined with Good Luck will take this help. This section of Health Resources guides you in the right direction.
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