What Baby Astrology
Signs Mean To You?

Kannan M

Baby Astrology

Baby astrology signs cannot be used to give accurate predictions about the future or nature of your children.

Traditional astrology says that there are 12 astrology signs and these can be used to give accurate predictions.

Stellar astrology completely differs. It is more scientific. It divides these 12 signs into 249 different zones.

Signs Or Houses

Baby astrology houses are more important than baby astrology signs. Why? An astrology sign is like a large territory of land like Europe. It has about 50 different countries. Similarly an astrology sign has several different zones.

Each astrology sign has 30 degrees. Each 30 degrees contain 3 zones ruled by different planets. A child born in the 1st degree of a sign will not have the same nature or future as one born in the 30th degree of the same sign.

Totally Unscientific

Why? A child born in the 1st degree of a sign will completely differ from another child born in the 2nd degree of the same sign. Each will differ in its character and future. One may be a king and the other may be a beggar.

Therefore it is totally unscientific to give predictions based and baby astrology signs. It is a mistake to say that the child born in the 1st degree and another born in its 30th degree will have the same characteristics.

Stellar Astrology

I once again repeat my stand that it is unscientific to classify the nature of kids based on baby astrology signs. On the other hand if you predict the nature of a child based on the exact zone of that sign it is scientific.

Why? Zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts. Each part is known as a Star. As Zodiac has 360 degrees, each star has 13 degrees and 20 minutes. As there are 9 planets each planet owns and rules over 3 zones in the Zodiac.

The Correct System

A child is born in a particular zone of a sign. That zone is owned by a star. It is known as the star lord of the zone. The same zone contains 9 sub zones each ruled by one of the 9 planets. This ruler is the sub lord of the sub zone.

Giving predictions based on baby astrology signs is incorrect. Predict the nature and future of the child based on the star lord and sub lord of that zone in which the child is born. This is Modern Scientific Stellar Astrology.

Accurate Predictions

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