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Avoid Marital Disasters

Astrology matching saves you from marital disasters. Most marriages end in separation or divorce.

Most parents do not take expert advise to verify if a match exists between the boy and the girl.

They seek opinion unwittingly from false pundits to economize and push their children into a marital hell.

Houses 2 , 7 & 11

If you want to examine the possibilities of marriage you must analyze the astrology houses 2, 7, and 11. 2 indicates addition to the family in the form of a husband or a wife. House 7 indicates legal bondage.

Ant the 11th house in astrology matching guarantees life long friendship between husband and wife. It is unwise to see your daughter's chart only. You have to study it from the boy's angle too. Both should tally.

Horary Astrology

The accurate method to do astrology matching is by horary astrology. It is more scientific than birth chart astrology and natal astrology. It gives very precise answers in questions of astrology marriage compatibility.

In horary astrology we divide the sky into 249 subtle zones each ruled by two planets. One star lord and one sub lord. The sub lord and its location give you the most accurate answers for your questions about marriage.

The Methods

Suppose you do astrology matching for your daughter. You must examine her 2nd, 7th, and 11th cusp. The 2nd cusp sub lord will be posited in the constellation of a planet. That planet should signify houses 7 & 11.

Similarly the 7th cusp sub lord will be posited in the constellation of a planet. That planet should signify houses 2 & 11. Likewise the 11th cusp sub lord will be posited in the constellation of a planet.

Mutual Signification

That planet should signify both houses 2 & 7. If this astrology matching exists between houses 2, 7, and 11 in your daughter's horary chart then she will lead a happy married life with the boy proposed for her marriage.

To do all this your daughter has to ask "Is he a suitable match for me?" and give a number between 1 and 249. That number refers to one of the 249 zones in the zodiac. The beginning point of that zone is her ascendant.

Marital Rhythm

Then you do astrology matching by erecting a chart for her taking that zone as her ascendant. You have to examine that chart in the above method to find out if a marital rhythm exists between the boy and the girl.

You do the same if you are the father of the boy. He must ask "Is she a suitable match for me?" and give a number between 1 and 249. You erect a chart and examine if the same marital rhythm exists between 2, 7, & 11.

Love Compatibility

Astrology matching is quite incomplete if you ignore to check astrology love compatibility between the boy and the girl. You do it by examining the 5th cusp sub lord. It should not be retrograde.

It should not be in the constellation of a retrograde planet. The lord of that constellation should signify 7 and 11. If he signifies 6 and 12 then they will live long as husband and wife but with out true love.

Real Life Analysis

Today a girl came and asked me "Is he a suitable match for me and gave the number 68. I erected a chart for the time and place of judgment. I took the 68th sub zone in the sky to represent her ascendant.

The chart is given below in a link. It will open in a new tab. So you can study the chart while studying this article on astrology matching.

Click Here To See The Client's Chart or Right Click To Download It

The Judgment

To do astrology matching note the 2nd cusp sub lord. It is Mars. It is in the constellation of Venus signifying 2, 4, 5, 10, 11. No reference to 7.

Note the 7th cusp sub lord. It is Ketu. He is in the constellation of constellation of Venus. But Venus is retrograde. So it denies. Here too no reference to 7. Therefore he is not a suitable match.

Denials Confirmed

Note the 11th cusp sub lord. It is Retrograde Venus. It also denies. Venus is in its own constellation of Venus. It is retrograde and has no reference to 7. There is no astrology matching. So he is not a match.

Note the 5th cusp sub lord. It is Retrograde Venus. No reference to 7. So there will not be any astrology love compatibility if they marry. I told her to reject him. By giving this timely advice I saved her from a marital hell.

Accurate Predictions

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