Know Secrets Of Love Affairs
By Love Match Astrology

Mr.Kannan M.

Love And 5th House

Love Match Astrology can be ascertained from the 5th house in your astrology chart.

The cusp of the 5th house will have a star lord A and a sub lord B. It is important to note where this B is deposited.

In your chart you will find this sub lord deposited in a particular constellation.

That constellation will be ruled by a planet C. If it signifies 5th house, you can predict the nature of your love affairs.

Aries And Taurus

As per love-match-astrology, if C is deposited in Aries, your partner is charming, frank, practical, and enthusiastic. He loves adventures. He has lasting affection. Being proud, he dominates and is independent.

If C is deposited in Taurus, you get a lucky partner. He is true, loyal, and steady in his love. He faces opponents of your love with great courage. He is very daring. He needs to control danger and violence.

Love Planet in Gemini

As per love-match-astrology, if C is deposited in Gemini, Your partner is a constant lover. He strikes quick friendship. He is over possessive and finds fault with you. He sacrifices comforts for your love.

If you do no not live up to him, he is attracted to another who appears pleasing to him. He loves you, yet prefers variety. He baffles you with his love. He is highly intellectual and difficult for others to understand.

Cancer & Leo

As per love-match-astrology, if the love planet is in Cancer, your partner lives for love. He is extremely loyal. He is always affectionate. . He is sincere and true in his love. He too is difficult to understand.

As per love match astrology, if the love planet is in Leo, you get a romantic lover. He exhibits deep love. He makes efforts to pleased you. He is your ideal lover. He attracts you and you too are proud of him.

Correct Predictions

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