Confirm Your Pregnancy
By Health Astrology

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Health Protocols

Have you tried Health Astrology to detect your pregnancy? Your Frog test may fail. But Astrology will not.

Our ancestors used astrology as a weapon to fight disease. They had fixed protocols defined by astrology.

Consultation to healing, each move was guided by astrology fixing auspicious times to perform actions.

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Follow Auspicious Time

You must consult a doctor only in your most auspicious moments. Your doctor’s brain works in your favor only in these moments.

If you go to him in your bad times, he will make mistakes in his diagnosis or treatments.

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Study Your Chart

A horoscope is given above for ready reference to all your astrology houses. 1st house, 5th, 6th, and your 11th houses govern all your health matters.

These houses, cusps, signs, and the planets there are taken to predict on your health astrology. 6th house shows disease. 5th house shows recovery.

Each sign has 2 1/4 stars. The planets occupy these star zones. Each zone allows only its results to be given by the planets deposited in that Zone.

Healing Dictates

Health Astrology guides you as to when you should start medicines and when you must have your first bath after recovery. It also prescribes those herbs which augment your doctor’s efforts in healing your illness.

6th House & Sickness

It is amazing, but it is true. You fall sick only when the period of your 6th house significator operates. Your sixth house is the House of sickness. You fall sick during the period or the sub period of your 6th house significators.

You can predict by health astrology the planets and diseases caused by your 6th house and its significators. For example, if Moon represents your 6th, it causes mental illness during its Dasa, Bukthi, or Anthara Periods.

Epics' Evidence

The Indian Epics give you proof from The Ramayana that King Dasaratha consulted the Sages Vashishta and Viswamitra on Astrology about health matters. It was the duty of these Sages to protect the emperor’s health.

Helps Diagnosis

Health astrology is highly useful to the modern medical science. You can precisely predict by astrology which organ or gland in your body causes your illness. You can also predict all kinds of diseases by using Astrology.

If your doctor knows this, it helps him in his diagnosis. In olden days, people lived for more than 200 years. They enjoyed pristine health. It was made possible only by the help of astrology and herbal medicines.

Predict Healing

You can predict by Health Astrology when you will heal from your disease. If you doctor knows this, he assures you about when you will fully recover your health. It calms you and helps your bioenergetic healing mechanisms.

Helps Love Match

How good it is to know the health of your partner, before marriage. If your love partner is always sick, how can you enjoy conjugal bliss? Astrology helps to you avoid marrying a medically unfit husband or wife!

If too many planets signify your lover's 6th house, he will be always sick. You have to examine his astrology chart carefully and know this. Love match astrology gives you indispensable help in knowing this information.

Believe It Or Not

Whether you believe in astrology or not, health astrology is there to help. It does not hurt you to use it. If it works, you are highly benefited. If not, you lose nothing. It is like an insurance policy to safe guard against Fate!

Accurate Predictions

If you have questions on astrology about your health, disease, business, wealth, family, career, future, marriage, or love affairs, you can contact Expert Astrologer Dr.J. Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa the disciple of Kannan M with your questions by the contact form.

Contact us if you want to start a business, or fix a marriage. If you want success, do it by getting your most auspicious date and time fixed by 
Dr.J. Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa the disciple of Mr. Kannan M. Consult about success or failure in your life, business, finance, law suits, or love. Apply now for our most accurate predictions.

Astrology Basics

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