Astrology for Libra

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Ascendant in Libra

Astrology For Libra is understood best from the most modern scientific Stellar Astrology or horary astrology.

Libra is a vast area in the zodiac. It is an area like United States. There you can live in New York or Washington.

Likewise if your ascendant falls in Libra it may begin in any zone of Libra ruled by any particular planet.

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What It Reveals

Your ascendant in Libra gives the clues about your physical appearance, fate, finance, fortune, and love affairs. It also gives the clues about your health and disease, longevity, and about the success in your ventures.

Judge From The 1st Cusp

Astrology for Libra therefore should be judged from your ascendant. Here the the sub lord of your 1st cusp may be deposited in the constellation of a planet situated in any one of the 12 signs from Aries to Pisces.

Libra Astrology says that if that planet resides in Aries you will earn much and you will also spend what you earn. You will make unwise investments. You will not worry about what will happen tomorrow.

If It Is In Taurus

Astrology for Libra continues like this. If that planet judged from the ascendant is located in Taurus you will be very loyal to your lover. You will exhibit true love. You will boldly face any opposition to save your love.

Libra Astrology further says that you will date often before marriage. But you will exercise caution in your love affairs. You will exhibit a lot of self control. You will not take your loved one for a physical advantage.

If It is In Gemini

Astrology for Libra reveals clues about your health and disease too. If that planet derived from the 1st cusp is located in Gemini, your health will be weak. It is always strained. You overwork and invite illness.

Libra astrology continues that your lungs will be weak. You will face diseases like frequent cold, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, influenza, and Eosinophilia. Your arms and shoulders will be exceptionally weak.

If It is In Cancer

Astrology for Libra continues. It that planet derived from judging the ascendant resides in Cancer you will be a strong lover. Love is your life breath. You will sacrifice all comforts to please your lover.

Astrology Libra continues that you will be very loyal and affectionate to your lover. You will remain chaste to please your partner. You will be sincere and true in your love. However you will always remain a bit fickle minded.

If It is In Gemini

Astrology is an ocean. We cannot fathom its depths. I have just shown to you in this article on Astrology for Libra how to make various judgements about your physical appearance, finance, fortune, love, health and romance.

Astrology for Libra must therefore be judged not from the sign or its sign lord Venus. Then every one born in Libra will have identical features. You know well that even one's finger prints do not match with another person.

Likewise Libra astrology is different for different persons based on the location of the sub lord of the ascendant. the ascendant means your starting point in your first astrology house. It is also called the 1st cusp.

Accurate Predictions

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