Real Astrology Predictions
What Your 2nd
House Means To You?

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Accurate Prediction

Real astrology predicts accurately about your money matters, kith, and kin by studying your second house.

You too can give unfailing predictions if you know the meaning of second house in your astrology birth chart.

The second house denotes finance and family. It refers to your bank balance, deposits, and documents.

Power Of Expression

Your second house also denotes your fixed deposits, shares and stocks. While the 1st house describes your character, personality, and health, the 2nd house details your finance, family, and your power of expression.

2nd House & Finance

You say it is real astrology only when some one predicts your financial prospects and pitfalls from your 2nd house. A study of this house warns you about loss, theft, cash drains, and about your wasteful expenditure.

Your second house details your ability to earn by individual efforts. It defines your own income. It denotes your financial circumstances or fortune. It also details your profit or gain and general financial prosperity.

Worldly Attainments

You declare that this science of prediction is real astrology when you put into test what it says about finance and the second house. It denotes your material acquisitions like money, cars, precious stones, gems, and jewelery.

The second house represents your documents, bonds, promissory notes, mortgages, shares, securities, and other negotiable assets. In short, all that is acquired by your own resources comes under the controls of this house.

2nd House & Family

Our stellar astrology is the real astrology for family predictions. It holds that the 2nd house denotes your family. It refers to all your close relatives like your grand parents, father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters.

You can prove it like this. If Moon is in your 2nd house and it receives good aspects from Jupiter and Venus, you will have a large family. If the aspect is from a beneficial Saturn, you have a small family. Rahu shows birth control.

Gift Of The Gab

Stellar astrology or real astrology holds that the 2nd house controls the power of expression. It is termed as the Vak sthana in Sanskrit. The sign, occupants, and aspects to 2nd house determines your power of speech.

If some one's 2nd house has Ketu in it and it falls in a mute sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, he may be dumb. When Mars is in 2nd house and gets good aspects from Jupiter and Mercury, he will make good conversations.

Role Of Moon In 2

According to Stellar Astrology or real astrology, Moon in 2 with good aspects from Mars makes him outspoken. Aspects from Mercury makes him speak clearly. If Jupiter aspects, he will talk wisely. Venus Makes him talk sex.

Moon in 2 receiving aspects from Venus makes him also talk about fashion, pleasurable pursuits, movies, dance drama, and about the media. If good Saturn aspects Moon in one's 2nd house, he will be reticent and speak less.

Uranus & Sun

When Uranus aspects Moon in 2, it makes him talk like an eccentric. If Sun forms good aspects with Moon in 2, he will talk with dignity. You have to read results like this for any planet in any house for matters of that house.

Accurate Predictions

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