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Different Times

As per Definition of Astrology, Mean Solar Time equals your clock time. GMT is the Greenwich Mean Time.

GMT is observed as the Standard Time through out United Kingdom. Sidereal Time is Different.

It is used by astronomers and astrologers. You may think it is star time. But it is not exactly that.

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Sidereal Time

What is Sidereal Time? It is time measured with respect to the stars. One sidereal day is 23 hours 56 min, 4.091 seconds.

In astrology, your birth time has to be changed to Sidereal Time to get the location of the 12 cusps from the standard Raphael's Table of Houses.


Sidereal Day

Sidereal Day is the time interval between two appearances of the first point of Aries overhead in the skies.

Or it is the time taken for for a point in the sky to make two crossings over the same meridian in the same place.

As per definition of astronomy, one Sidereal Day is the time taken by the Earth to make exactly one revolution.

This revolution is calculated with reference to the first point of zodiac in Astrology Sign Aries 0, or with reference to any particular star in the sky.

Standard Time

Each country chooses a Geographic Meridian and for that meridian their clocks are adjusted so as to keep uniform time through out that country. UK has done it with respect to Greenwich and it is Greenwich Mean Time.

Local Mean Time

LMT or Local Mean Time is GMT plus or minus the distance of place in longitude from Greenwich X 4 minutes. For Chennai at 80.25 East Longitude, it differs by 80.25X4= 321 minutes or 5 hr and 21 minutes.

When it is 13 hrs GMT at Greenwich, the LMT in Chennnai is 18 hrs 21 min.


Definition of Astrology has it that Retrograde means the backward movement of the planets. It happens due to the changing relative positions of the planets during the movement of earth.

Sun and Moon never retrograde. So also, Rahu and Ketu never retrograde.

Rising Sign

Rising Sign is the sign which rises at the time of birth of a child, or during commencement of any event like wedding, sign contracts, lay foundation, and start a treatment, or begin a negotiation.


Definition of Astrology and Astronomy tells us that Equinox means equal night and day. Aries and Libra are called Equinoctial Signs.


Ephemeris is an almanac where you can find the position of planets, mutual aspect, and Sidereal Time for any year to erect a horoscope.

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