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What Your 3rd
House Means To You?

Kannan M

The Third House

As per free astrology prediction, In Real Astrology your 3rd house rules your mental abilities and memory.

It shows your mental inclinations. It governs your thinking and intellect. it tells you who you really are.

Your Third house governs your movements, desires to study, pick up knowledge, and advance in life.

Divine Revelations

You get such predictions and guidance from the Divine Gift Vedic astrology. It is the only system which is acclaimed as the most accurate. It gives wise and scientific predictions about any event in any one's life.

How You Study

Your 3rd house shows what you study till you are 16. A close scrutiny of the 3rd house tells you if anyone will shine in his studies or not. Your Ninth house Governs Higher Education.

Feelings of heroism come from your third house. Your courage and valor comes from here. Your desire to excel others is shown by your 3rd house. Your will, firmness, and determination are decided by this house.

Help From Others

Your 10th house and the 6th house play a role in deciding your career. If these houses are properly connected to your 3rd house, you may join the army and become an army officer depending on other considerations.

Your 3rd house is acclaimed as your House of Help. It is your "Sahaya Sthana". Whether you will get such help from others, Or you must struggle on your own is shown by your Third House.

Free Astrology Prediction
Who Will Help You?

If you study your 3rd house closely, You can say if you will get Such Help from others. Who will help you is also shown by your 3rd house. It shows what kind of help you will receive from your Near & Dear or Strangers.

Astrology Predictions reveals even if an Outsider or Stranger helps you. It is shown by your 3rd house. Because it represents Strangers as well along with your younger brother, sister, or your kith and Kin.

Governs Relatives

As such the third house governs your cousins, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, and any third persons in your life. If Saturn aspects your Third House, you will have few outside contacts.

As per free astrology prediction, your 3rd house governs short journeys and travels. If it receives good planetary aspects, you will travel often by bikes, cars, autos, taxis, trains, helicopters, or planes.

Rules Communications

Your 3rd house governs all your correspondence. It rules your telephone calls, emails, short messages, and advertisements. It also governs your affidavits, court summons, income tax notices, and assessment orders.

Free astrology prediction affirms that your 3rd house governs all types of your communication gadgets. It rules your telephones, mobiles, Tabs, computers, Lap Tops, Wi Fi, Wireless, and Televisions.

Governs Documentation

Your 3rd House governs all documentations. It rules your knowledge of maths. It governs your writings, papers & calculations. It rules the hard disc in your computer, your back ups, pen drives, Cds, & DVDs.

As per free astrology prediction, the 3rd house governs registrations. It rules your web registrations, Income Tax and Sales Tax registrations. It rules the registration of your partnership papers and sale deeds.

Accurate Predictions

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