Birthday Astrology
What Your 9th
House Means To You

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You can know birthday astrology well only if you have knowledge of your 12 astrology houses.

Each house depicts certain matters. The 9th house is concerned with your luck, fortune, and prosperity.

As per vedic astrology, your ninth house signifies the luck you inherit from your good deeds in your past.

Resultant Merits

It shows the resultant merits and luck accumulated in your past births. It is there for you to enjoy now. If you learn it from the 9th house in your astrology chart, it will give you comfort about your prospects in the future.

Auspicious Matters

Ancient astrology holds that it refers to your Guru and father. It also refers to auspicious things, spiritual initiation, and penance. This is the meaning of 9th house in your birth day astrology.

According to Tamil astrology, your 9th house is concerned with faith, wisdom and worship. It foretells your luck. As luck is related to merit and merit is related to 9th house, you must examine your ninth to know your fortunes.

Jupiter in Ninth

9th house is mostly concerned with matters of religion, worship, and high philosophy. Therefore, Jupiter in your 9th house is good for your birthday astrology. It makes you disciplined, kind hearted, orthodox, and religious.

House of Intuition

Ancient astrology says that if Saturn is in your 9th house, it will make you deeply religious and methodical in your conduct. If Sun or Mercury aspects Jupiter and Saturn it will give you powers of forethought and intuition.

All matters connected to temples, mosques, churches, endowments are to be known from your 9th house in your birthday astrology. If Saturn or Jupiter in 9 receives adverse aspects, it drives you to extremes in matters of religion.

Higher Education

As per Tamil astrology, the 9th house refers to your pilgrimages to temples and holy places. It also refers to higher knowledge, higher education, and lofty thoughts. It reveals the true extent of real knowledge you possess.

If you want to know if you can get into research and get a doctorate degree, you have to examine your 9th house in your birthday astrology. It is because your ninth house governs inventions, innovations, and research.

Denotes Father

Vedic astrology states that 9th house represents your father. Because the 9th house in the zodiac is Sagittarius. Jupiter is its lord. Jupiter is the Guru in Hindu Mythology. Hence 9th denotes your spiritual preceptor and father.

If you count the 5th place from your 9th house in your birthday astrology chart, you will come to your own ascendant. It proves the logic in the system of house division in vedic astrology.

Dreams & Visions

According to ancient astrology, your 9th house governs dreams and visions. It also presides over matters like medium, talking with the dead, and moving with the spirits. If your 9 th cusp receives adverse aspects, you will end up with only illusions.

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