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Auspicious Dates

Astrology Dates are important to commence any activity whether it is Marriage or Starting a Business.

Auspicious dates with auspicious times ensure your long term success and good profits in any activity.

Wise persons consult scientific astrologers to calculate and provide auspicious dates and times.

Marriage Astrology

In marriage astrology it is important to do your marriage only during your auspicious date and time. As per Indian Vedic Astrology a day has many evil time zones. Any thing you do in those times ends up in failure.

Business Astrology

Therefore be it is for your marriage or starting a business or floating a web site, or registering a business firm, you have to ensure that you do these things only during your most auspicious astrology dates and times.

Stellar astrology and numerology help you to select your most favorable dates. Some dates will be evil to you for your birth numbers. You avoid these dates. Then only you must select your most lucky date and time.

Evil Time Zones

You find your auspicious astrology dates by analyzing each available lucky date. You examine each date and see when the evil time zones operate. You take care to see that you avoid these evil time zones.

As per Indian Vedic Astrology a day has many time zones. Among them the evil time zones are Rahu Kalam (Rahu's Time), Yama Gandam (God of Death's time), Kuligai Kalam (time when Son of Saturn rules).

Where Moon Is Matters

For good astrology dates you must avoid those in which Moon moves in evil zones. These are evil constellations. For example you have to avoid Ashwini on Tuesdays, Rohini on Saturdays, and Pushya on Thursdays.

Likewise there are 27 thithis which are the 27 phases of Moon. You must avoid the 4th, 9th, and 14th phase for all good occasions. You must also avoid 1st phase of waxing Moon and 13th phase of Waning Moon.

Avoid More Evil Moments

Yoga is another time zone to look for in finding good astrology dates. You must avoid those days in which Vyatipada, Vaidrhithi, Parigha, Vishkumba, Vajra, Shoola, Atiganda, and Vyagata yogas operate.

Karana is half the time zone of thithi or Moon's phase on any day. Here you should take care to avoid Bhadra or Vishti Karana. So also Varishtam is another evil time zone which you must take care to avoid.

More Evil Hours

Similarly to find good astrology dates you must avoid the two evil time zones in each day called Durmuhurtha. Any activity done in these hours will not be productive. On the other hand you will get evil results.

You must ensure that you have good Tara Balam on that date. Calculate it from your Nirayana birth star.

For this count from your birth constellation or star and avoid the constellations 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, and 25.

Ensure Moon's Strength

On good astrology dates the Moon should be very strong to favor you with good results. It is called Chandra Bala. It is essential to have this during marriage and other auspicious functions.

Count from your Moon Sign to the Moon Sign on the available date. If the count is 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, or 11 that date with that Moon sign is most favorable to give you the strength of Moon for the success of your work.

Other Rules To follow

To find good astrology dates you must also do a special calculation called "Panchaka Rahitha vidhi".

To do this add the number of lunar day (thithi), number of Week Day from Sunday, number of the constellation from Ashwini, and the number of the ascendant measured from Aries. Divide the total by 9.

For good results the remainder should be Zero, 3, 5 or 7. All other numbers foretell evil results like 1 = danger, 2 = fire risk, 4 = Bad Results, 6 = Evil Happenings, and 8 = Disease.

The Lagna

Even in good astrology dates, the Lagna or the ascendant at the moment of the function should be pure. There should not be evil Planets in houses 1, 4, 7, & 10. Houses 5 & 9 must be vacant or have good planets in them.

The sub lord of the ascendant should be posited in a constellation the lord of which is a significator of good houses 1 and 11 and other house that signify the auspicious activity like marriage or business.

More about Lagna

For good astrology dates and times the sub lord of the ascendant should not be retrograde. The lord of constellation in which that sub lord is posited should not also be retrograde. Neither should be Saturn.

The sub lord of the ascendant and the lord of constellation in which the sub lord is posited should not refer to evil houses like 6 (house of sickness & debts), 8 (house of accidents & death) and 12 (loss & imprisonment).

The Verdict

Therefore it is not so easy to find good astrology dates which fulfill all these conditions. It is unwise to consult the local pundits who give the date and time referring to the calendar or outdated ephemeris.

You must take our expert help in finding your good auspicious most lucky date and time. We do it for clients from about 196 countries for them to commence any auspicious or profitable activity. You can take our help.

Accurate Predictions

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