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Finance & 2nd Cusp

You can predict the personalities of Astrology Signs from the sub lord of any cusp from 1st cusp to 12th cusp.

In love match astrology, the 5th cusp sub lord reveals your partner's love, secret love affairs and foibles.

The 2nd cusp sub lord reveals his finance and fortune. A star occupies 13 degrees 20 minutes in the Zodiac.

Properties of Cusps

The second cusp begins some where within a star. It has a sign lord, star lord and sub lord. If it is Aries 7-33-20, it is in Mars sign, Kethu star and Jupiter Sub. Mars as sign lord, Ketu as Star lord, and Jupiter as sub lord.

Accurate Astrology Predictions!

Stellar Sub Divisions

Personalities of astrology signs differ from sign to sign. Aries measures from 0 to 30 degrees. It is divided into three stars called Aswini, Barani and one fourth of Krithikai. Each Star occupies 13 degrees 20 minutes.

Each star has 800 minutes. It is sub divided into 9 parts. It is done as per the years in Vimshottari Dasa for each star. As Sun has 6 years out of 120, it occupies 800X6/120= 40 minutes of Zodiac in any star.

Sub Lord Decides

Personalities of astrology signs depend on this sub portion within a star. This sub is ruled by a Planet, called Sub lord. In your example, the 2nd cusp falls in Aries 07-33-20. It falls in Kethu Star, in the Sub of Jupiter.

Planet Jupiter will be posited in one Star. He offers the results of that Star Lord, for your Lover's Finance. That Star will be owned by Kethu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, or Mercury.

Accurate Astrology Predictions!

Location of Sub Lord

Thus, the personalities of astrology signs are indicated by Jupiter and governed by Kethu, if Jupiter occupies Kethu Star. If Jupiter is posited in any of the Venus Stars, it offers the results of Venus for your lover.

If the sub lord of his second cusp is Jupiter, and it is posited in any of the Sun’s Stars, Jupiter offers the results of Sun. In other words, your lover may run the period of Jupiter, but will enjoy the results of Sun.

Sign Modifies Results

As such, Sun modifies the personalities of Astrology Signs. Posited in one of the 12 signs in your chart, Sun offers different results for each sign. It reveals the finance and fortunes of your lover.

Accurate Astrology Predictions!

Results For Aries

The results vary from sign to sign. If Sun is in Aries, your lover earns a lot and spends every thing. He makes rash investments. He does not worry about tomorrow. Though he starts well, he meets with failures.

Taurus And Gemini

When Sun is in Taurus, the personalities of astrology signs differ. Your lover accumulates and hoards wealth. He saves more and spend less. He never takes risks. He invests in estates. He builds up a fortune.

When in Gemini, Sun gives the sign results of Gemini. He faces extremes of fortune and misfortunes. He entertains secret love affairs. He fights for property with his family members. He brings about his own downfall.

Correct Predictions

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