Astrology Tamil And
Horary Astrology

Traditional Methods

Astrology Tamil is the same as Indian Vedic Astrology. It is practiced in the traditional method.

It takes the 27 constellations, 12 signs, and the birth time moon signs astrology for predictions.

As the rules are many and the exceptions are many, it is not useful for giving accurate predictions.

Signs or Houses

It gives more importance to signs and the the planets occupying various signs. It talks of exaltation or debilitation of a planet depending on which sign it occupies. It gives less importance to the houses.

The Case of Twins

Astrology Tamil is not able to explain the different characteristics of twins born with in the interval of a few minutes. In their horoscopes, the signs and position of the planets are identical for both.

But in real life astrology the twins experience different results in their lives. One is rich and the other is poor. One is tall and the other is short. One gets children, the other remains with out children.

The Research

Astrology Tamil miserably fails to explain the different results enjoyed by the twins in its predictions. We did a lot of research to find why the twins enjoyed different results. We found the solution in horary Astrology.

We asked what moved so fast in the zodiac to cause difference in the lives of identical twins. We found that it was the ascendant cusp. Thus we get altogether different charts for the twins with different ascendants.

The Explanation

When the ascendant varies all other cusps and the houses vary. The twins get altogether different charts. Hence it is easy to explain why they enjoyed different results. It was an advancement over Astrology Tamil.

Further research was carried in Indian Vedic Astrology. We found that every subtle zone in the zodiac is rules by a set of planets called star lord and the sub lord. The sub lord can be any one of the 9 planets.

Stellar Astrology

When the ascendant moves fast it occupies different zones. Hence it gives different results depending on the sub lord of that zone. It beautifully explains the difference enjoyed by twins. This astrology tamil cannot do.

The sub lord discussed will be posited in in its own or different constellation. Then it gives only the results of the lord of that constellation.

Horary Astrology

Only this kind of reasoning gave birth to horary astrology where we divide the zodiac into 249 subtle zones. Each zone is ruled by a star lord and sub lord. And that sub lord holds the key to many of your questions.

The sub lord of your 2nd cusp reveals your family and finance. Your 5th cusp sub lord explains your love match astrology. Your 1st cusp sub lord explains your health and success. It is not possible in astrology tamil.

Accurate Predictions

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