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Twelve Houses

You have twelve astrology houses in every horoscope. Your each house begins from where its cusp falls.

Every Cusp marks the end of the previous house. It also marks the beginning of the next house.

The area covered between the First Cusp and the Second Cusp is the area of the First house, and so on.

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Houses & Matters

All houses are counted from the 1st Cusp. Each house occupies 27 to 33 degrees in the Zodiac.

Each house governs certain matters. If you study these astrology houses deeply, you can predict events happening in different aspects of your life.

We shall study house by house in this page about what each house means to you in your life.

From prenatal conception to sacred rites after our death, all events are predestined. These events take place in our lives as per truths of astrology.

First House

Astrology Houses in any horoscope begin from the 1st Cusp. It is known as the Ascendant Cusp.

It is also known as Lagna. It is the exact longitude of the Zodiac that rises in the east at the time of one’s birth or for any given moment in that place.

The First House defines your features, health, habit of thinking, and your personality. It refers to your natural disposition, vim, vigor, and vitality.

It also indicates your tendencies. It denotes your struggles and success or failure in your attempts.


Among astrology houses, the 1st house shows your candor, honor, dignity, and your sufferings.

The 1st house refers to your tendencies and character. It shows your health and general well being. It indicates your constitution, head, upper part of your face, and skin. It defines your prosperity and your longevity.

The 1st house indicates if you mishandle or gamble on others money. It also refers to that person who is the querist. It shows your reputation and patrimony of your mother. It also refers to the people of the country.

Second House

Among the Astrology Houses, the 2nd one refers to your family members. It also refers to your financial matters, jewelry, gemstones, and bank balance. It denotes all documents like sale deeds, shares, and securities.

The 2nd house also denotes your power of expression or gift of the gab. It refers to your skills of observation, imagination, and memory. It is Maraka or death house for the native. It refers to the death of the individual.

Second Marriage

The 2nd of the astrology houses shows your second marriage. It shows if you are extravagant or economical. It shows money of the querist, money lent and borrowed. It refers to national wealth, banking, and revenues.

Third House

The third house among the astrology houses shows your mental aptitude, inclination to study, ability, memory, and intellect. It shows your courage, valor, and heroism. It refers to your younger brother or sister.

The 3rd house also refers to your cousins, third persons, neighbors, and casual acquaintances. Further it refers to short journeys by cars, bus, and trains. It also denotes all kinds of media, telecommunications, and emails.


The 3rd of the astrology houses shows correspondence, communications, letters, telephone calls, telegrams, sms, television, and radio reports. It also refers to signals, reporters, editors, mediators, and PROs.

The third house refers to video games, voice sms, web sites, world wide web, internet, radio satellites, video conferences, interviews on the internet, gmail, land line, international couriers, mobiles, and broadband.

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