What Pisces Astrology
Means To You?

Kannan M

Astrology For Pisces

If you are one born with Pisces Astrology you are dreamy and philosophical in your approach.

You always think deeply about some thing. Your contemplative nature makes you look like a sage or saint.

In general you are well behaved. You have a soft spoken sweet nature. You like to mix with people and socialize.

Physical Appearance

Born with astrology pisces you tend to be short and plumpy. However you are stout and you develop a powerful muscular body. Your eyes are spherical. They protrude as if you stare at others. Your hair is soft and silky.

Characteristics For Pisces

Born with Pisces Astrology your outlook on life is different. You strongly believe that every thing is preordained. You philosophize whatever happens around you. You are very honest. You have a sharp imagination.

Astrology Pisces makes you very straight forward. You are outspoken. You like to help others. You are ready to lose and forego your chance to help them. You forget and forgive others' mistakes. You are extremely generous.

Finance & Fortune

Born with Pisces Astrology your altruistic nature gives you name, fame, and fortunes. You spend on music, films, and movies. However you have the ability to keep your money safe. You help others and they too reciprocate.

Astrology Pisces makes you do good business. Your win-win philosophy makes you shine in business. If you engage in any profession you keep up your progress to the top. Your amiable nature makes you succeed in politics.

Love & Romance

Born in Pisces Astrology as your 1st house, you are fond of beauty. Love match astrology confirms this. You fall in love only with beautiful persons. You expect your partner to show interest in fine arts, music, and dance.

Astrology Pisces states that you are highly intellectual. You are possessive in your love. So much so that you have a suspicious nature. You plan, dream, and contemplate much. Hence you delay your chances of getting your lover.

Health & Disease

Born with Pisces Astrology you tend to keep moderate health. Pisces being a watery sign addiction to alcohol is common. You must be cautious about pain in your ankle. You are likely to suffer injuries in your ankle and feet.

Astrology Pisces states that you may develop varicose veins in your legs, corns in the feet, dropsy, or hernia. You will be short of enzyme secretions. You may also suffer deformities in your limbs. Piles is another possibility.

Accurate Predictions

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