Compatible Astrology Signs & Your Twelfth House

Kannan M

Inimical 12th House

Compatible astrology signs are those which promise you health, wealth, good name, fame, favor, and honor.

Whatever sign you have in your twelfth house it brings to you only obstacles, losses, and impediments.

It causes dishonor, and wasteful expenditure. So it does not host any of your favorable astrology signs.

What Is Wrong?

The 12th house shows your fear and inferiority complex. You suffer by secret worries and destroy yourself. You suffer seclusion and social barriers. You face denials & rejections. So it is not one of your favorable astrology signs.

Wasteful Donations

You are handicapped with sympathy. People cheat you. You lose wealth in useless charity and wasteful donations. You face limitations and restrictions in your personal life. You face unforeseen and unexpected troubles.

You invest your hard earned wealth in purchasing properties. Mostly you invest in worthless deals. You pretend richness and waste money by extravagance. Therefore it is not one of your compatible astrology signs.

Love Match Astrology

In love match astrology you have to examine the 12fth house in detail. You can be sure that it does not host any of your compatible astrology signs. If your lover's 12fth house is very evil it is dangerous to propose to him.

What else the 12fth house entails for you? It shows the evil plots and cunning schemes of your enemies. It shows malice, treachery, revenge, and hatred against you. It shows suicide, murder, and assassination too.

Exile & Imprisonment

The 12fth house also indicates if you will flee in fear and abscond. It shows social ostracism against you. You may be convicted by a court of law and sentenced to a prison life or life term though you did not commit a crime.

You experience this though you are a King or President. Saddam Hussain and Bin Laden are classic examples. They absconded, were hunted and shot dead. So the 12fth house does not host any compatible astrology signs.

Accurate Predictions

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