Free Astrology Prediction-What Your 8th House Means To You?

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Free Prediction

You give free astrology prediction may be for two reasons. One is altruistic and another is monetary.

You give it to convince your client about your abilities to analyze his houses in his astrology birth chart.

Your prediction must not be vague to be of any use. It must address one's immediate problems.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

House of Death

Your client must not be left with a want to come for a paid service. It pays in the long run to give a free astrology prediction for the altruistic reason. It convinces your client about your analytical approach and its logic.

In this page on free astrology prediction, we take your eighth house for analysis. The 8th house in your chart is known as the house of death. It concerns with all matters connected with death like insurance and bonus.

Relates To Death

As per Vedic astrology your 1st house is the house of incarnation. It calls the 8th as the house of dis-incarnation. All matters of inheritance, wills, legacies, death certificates, and court orders come under 8th house.

Free Astrology Prediction
Examine Life Span

When you examine one's life span, you have to study his 8th house. This house acts differently to each client depending on the following factors.

  • the sign lord for the 8th cusp
  • planets occupying the 8th house
  • aspects to the occupants in 8th
  • aspects to the 8th cusp

Judge Total Effect

Before giving any astrology prediction, you have to judge the overall effect of the 8th house. For this, you have to study the 1st house and the 3rd houses separately and correlate the results together with those of the 8th.

Manner of Death

As per vedic astrology, the 8th house gives the manner of death. Whether it is natural death or it is a murder is shown by the 8th house. If it is by drowning, fire accident, stabbing, poisoning, or suicide is revealed here.

Time of Death

An astrology prediction about the time of death from 8th house is incomplete with out analyzing the 2nd and the 7th house. Why? Because, the 7th house is 12th to the 8th and 2nd house is 12th to the 3rd house.

Indicators of Death

Vedic astrology cautions you to examine the Badhaka and Maraka Sthanas before analyzing the 8th house for matters concerning death. Badhaka in Sanskrit means danger to the client. Maraka means death itself.

Therefore a free astrolgoy prediction must analyze your badhaka and maraka houses. 2 and 7 are always the maraka sthanas for all houses. Badhaka varies from sign to sign. For movable signs it is the 11th house.

Depends On Sign

Vedic astrology makes it clearer. The movable signs are Aries, cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These have 11th house as Badhaka. The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. They have badhaka in 9.

You must remember this when you give free astrology prediction for the 8th house. Note that common signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces have 7th house as their badhaka sthana.

Calculate Longevity

As per Tamil astrology, while judging the death from the 8th house, you must first analyze the life span and if the astrology chart supports death at that period of time. Judge if his life span is long, medium, or short.

If the birth chart promises a long life, an evil aspect to the 8th or its occupants will not endanger his life in his youth. It may cause ill health. Remember this while giving your free astrology prediction to any client.

Danger To Father

Tamil astrology says that the said evil aspect may not affect the subject. As 8th is 12th to the 9th and 9th represents the client's father, it may be a danger to his father's life or properties. You must judge like this.

When that evil aspect is over and it is followed by a good aspect from a beneficial planet, the subject or his father will recover and begin to enjoy good health. You must note this when you offer free astrology prediction.

Accurate Predictions

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