Astrology Pregnancy Answers
The Question Am I Pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant?

Astrology Pregnancy confirms when you are in doubt if you are really pregnant. You ask "Am I pregnant?"

This is a frequently asked question in the early stages of marriage, and in extra marital relationships.

Medical tests may fail. But Astrology will not. It has clear cut rules to find out if you are really pregnant or not.

Horary Astrology

In horary astrology you get very precise answers to such type of questions. Horary astrology is more scientific than your birth chart astrology. Birth chart astrology fails miserably in twin births. Horary astrology does not.

The Concept

Astrology pregnancy uses horary to examine you. Here you divide the sky into 249 star zones and sub zones. Each zone is ruled by a planet. When you ask any question we ask you to give us a number between 1 and 249.

This number governs a particular portion of the zodiac. The beginning point of that zone is your ascendant. We erect an astrology chart for this ascendant for the moment of judgment. That chart answers your query.

The Rules

Astrology pregnancy examines your 5th cusp in that chart if you are a woman. Your 5th cusp sub lord will be posited in a constellation.

The lord of that constellation which is again a planet must be a significator of your 2nd house, 5th house or your 11th house for you to be pregnant.

Another rule is that the planet or your 5th cusp sub lord should not be in a barren sign. It must not be posited in the constellation of a planet occupying a barren sign. If these are not satisfied you are not pregnant.

Fruitful & Barren Signs

As per astrology pregnancy the barren or sterile signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo. The fruitful signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

If the 5th sub lord or its constellation lord occupy fruitful signs like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces pregnancy is possible. But if any of these planets is Retrograde pregnancy is ruled out.

A Real Life Study

Recently a girl with a worried look came and asked me "Am I Pregnant?" We asked her to give me a number between 1 and 249. She told 247. It refers to Pisces 24-06-40 in Jupiter sign, Mercury Star, and Rahu Sub.

As per astrology pregnancy, We erected a chart for her using the above 24-6-40 Pisces as her ascendant. The chart is given below.

Click here to see the client's chart or right click to download it.

The Analysis

Let us use Pregnancy Astrology to judge this chart. Look at the 5th cusp. It denotes her child. The 5th cusp is in Moon Sign, Mercury Star and Mercury sub. Where is Mercury? It is posited in the barren sterile sign of Aries.

So she is not pregnant. Look where the sub lord Mercury is posited. It is posited in the constellation of Venus. And Where is Venus? It is posited in the sterile barren sign Gemini. Hence also she is not pregnant.

Accurate Predictions

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