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Astrology Houses

Zodiac Signs astrology reveals the significance of the astrology houses in your birthday astrology chart.

This birthday astrology chart has twelve astrology houses. Each house refers to certain matters in your life.

All these matters are very intimately related to you. You notice a common feature in each of all the 12 houses.

Houses & Matters

Zodiac signs astrology defines each house by a number. The 12 houses are classified into the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on up to your 12th house. This number defines the matters. Once you know it, you know what it signifies.

Astrology houses of the same number like the 1st refers to the same matters for all humans. It conveys the same meanings for an American, Hindu, or Chinese, irrespective of cast, creed, color, language, religion, or nationality.

The First House

You begin learning zodiac signs astrology from the first astrology house. It is known as your ascendant. It signifies you, your appearance, tendencies, temperament, and characteristics. It shows your physical stature and health.

As such, your 1st house defines your health. If good planets aspect the 1st cusp at the point where your 1st house starts, you enjoy good health. If evil planets aspect the same cusp of your 1st house, you will suffer from disease.

Defines Fortune

Zodiac signs astrology reveals complete details about each astrology house. The 1st house in any one's chart defines his success or failure and fortune or misfortune. It defines his habit of thinking. It also decides his life span.

You must study your 1st, 3rd, and 8th houses together to ascertain your life span. Your 1st house also describes your status. It tells you whether you have the drive to push forward or rot in the same place with out progress.

Indicates Changes

The treatises on zodiac signs astrology tell you more about your 1st house. It determines if you will live in a house in your native land or live abroad or in a far off place. Any change in your life is revealed by your first house.

Your 1st house governs your head and upper part of your face. As per the tenets of ancient astrology, it signifies your country, state, or locality. In horary astrology it signifies the querist or the person asking the question.

1st House & Relatives

A study of zodiac signs astrology reveals that your 1st house is also your Lagna or ascendant. It indicates the gains and profits to your younger brother. And it indicates the fame, reputation, and gifts of your mother.

Your first house also describes your dignity, honor, power, prosperity, and general well being. It also describes your 1st child's higher studies, long journeys, life in a foreign place, connection with strangers, and foreigners.

Your 1st house also indicates danger and open enmity to your maternal uncle. Moreover, your 1st house signifies the death of your wife, husband, or partner. It indicates the pleasure pursuits and speculations of your father.

Importance of 1st House

The science of zodiac signs astrology attaches much importance to your 1st house. This house shows the way you plan, your character, and personality. And it shows your struggles in life and success or failure in your attempts.

Like all astrology houses, your 1st house extends by about 30 degrees from the ascendant cusp to the 2nd cusp. You find the 1st house results from its signlord and its occupants. These results vary depending on these elements.

Aspects to 1st House

Zodiac signs astrology reveals that aspects from beneficial planets to the ascendant cusp foster the matters of the 1st house. Evil aspects from malicious planets work against the fulfillment of your 1st house matters.

In horary astrology, the number between 1 and 249 given by the querist determines the position of the ascendant cusp. It is the place or arc from where your first house begins and extends by about 30 deg in the zodiac.

Accurate Predictions

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