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Child Birth - What Your
Fifth House Means To You

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House Of Progeny

Vedic astrology predictions are done from the texts of Vedas. That's why it is known as Vedic Astrology.

Here you can find all the intimate details about how your 5th house in your astrology affects child birth.

Your 5th house represents your your 1st child birth. It governs the first baby from your semen or egg.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Role Of Moon

As per vedic astrology, if Moon occupies your 5th house and receives favorable aspects from good planets, you will be blessed with many children. If the same Moon receives evil aspects, it affect birth of a child.

Evil Aspects To 5th Cusp

Astrology predictions for child birth are based on an analysis of the 5th house. If the 5th cusp gets evil aspects from evil planets, the child may be still born or it may be born with congenital defects.

As per vedic astrology, besides Moon, any beneficial planet like Venus, or Jupiter occupying the 5th house helps lucky child birth provided it does not receive evil aspects from other malicious planets.

Veduic Astrology Predictions
Fruitful & Barren Signs

Astrology predictions conclude that child birth is promised if your 5th cusp is in a fruitful sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. It is denied if your 5th cusp falls in a barren sign like Aries, Leo, or Virgo.

As per vedic astrology, it also helps child birth, if your 11th cusp falls in any of the fruitful signs Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Conversely, the child birth will suffer if the 11th cusp falls in a barren sign Aries, Leo, or Virgo.

Child Birth Denied

Vedic astrology predictions denies child birth when the lords of your 5th or 11th house is in a barren sign or two barren signs. It is also denied if your ascendant or your first cusp falls in any of these barren signs.

Vedic astrology warns you that the child birth may be delayed or denied if the lord of lagna or ascendant, or your 1st house occupies a barren sign and receives malicious aspects from any evil planets.

The 1st Conception

As per vedic astrology predictions, if your lord of lagna occupies a fruitful sign and receives good aspects, it favors child birth. Like wise, if the lord of 5 or 11 occupies a fruitful sign, it fosters birth of a child.

As per Vedic astrology your 5th house governs your 1st child. The second child is shown by the 7th house. The third is indicated by your 9th house. Good aspects to these cusps vote for safe child birth.


To conclude vedic astrology predictions say that your 5th house decides if you'll get a baby or not. Fruitful signs and good aspects from beneficial planets promote the chances of child birth. Barren signs delay or deny.

As per vedic astrology, a beneficial Moon, Jupiter, or Venus occupying the 5th house favors children. Evil planets deny or affect child birth causing defects, if they occupy the Lagna, 5th, or 11th house in your birth chart.

Accurate Predictions

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