Astrology History From
Chaldeans To Greeks

Kannan M

History Of Astrology

Astrology history dates back to antiquity. It was gifted to mankind by God through Sages and Seers.

It explains the celestial phenomena and the corresponding terrestrial events and happenings in our lives.

These are dictated by the positions of planets and stars in the 12 signs and houses of your horoscope.

Sample Horoscope

For Horary Number 135 at 17-43 Hrs Salem, India
at 078-12 Longitude and 011-39 Latitude

VI   16- 9- 33 VII   15-13-20 VIII  14-29-46 IX  13-32
KET   27-29
FOR 20-18
V   14-51-6
JUP  3-22-27
X   13-29
MAR  24-5R

IV   13-29
XI   14-51
MOO 26-14
RA  27-29
SUN  21-9
ME 19-27
VE  19-37
III  13-32
II   14-29 I   15- 13 SAT 10-36
XII   16-9

Dasa Balance: Venus Dasa till 22-08-10

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Predictive Astrology

Predictive astrology is in use from the Vedic times. The ancient Sages ascertained by intuition, the positions of stars in the heavens. They used these to forecast events in the lives of every one.

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Different Theories

Astrology-History began with Creation, when God revealed it to Brahma and He handed it down to Sage Garga. It was from Garga that other Sages learnt it. These disciples spread it through out the world.

Westerners believe that Seth was the world's first Astrologer. Books on Astrology written by Arabic, Jewish, Persian, and Egyptian astrologers confirm this. It was Seth who divided Zodiac into twelve equal parts.

The First Astrologer

Astrology History records that Seth was the first to study the planets, their movements, and pathways. He named the Sun's path as Mazzaroth. The Chaldeans too were among the the first to develop it.

It is said Astrology and Numerology were born in Chaldea. It was in the plains of Euphrates and Tigris, known as Babylon. It is the present Iraq and Kuwait. Most Chaldeans were experts in the science of astrology.

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The Chaldeans

Around 2000 years ago, the Chaldeans did deep research on astrology. This period was the Golden Age of Astrological Revelations. These Chaldeans related all planetary movements with events in human life.

As per Astrology history, this science had its origins in Chaldea from antiquity. It records that the very name Chaldean means an Astrologer. The Pythagoreans researched further upon the Chaldean concepts.

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Babylon Egypt & Greece

Besides Chaldeans, the Akkadins, Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and the Greeks studied the planets and their orbits. They observed that these influenced all the animate and inanimate objects on earth.

Astrology was popular with the Rich, the Priests, the Princes, and the Kings. It wielded great influence. According to Maspero, in his time it was the Mistress of the World. Later it came into the hands of Greeks.

Latest Discoveries

Unless you are interested, you would not be reading this page on astrology history. The latest discoveries after sub division of the constellations has revolutionized astrology. It enables you to give accurate predictions.

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Accurate Predictions

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