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The Zodiac

As per definition of astrology, Zodiac is the area in the skies, in which all the planets move. It is 360 degrees.

Zodiac appears as a cloudy belt of stars in the heavens of the night sky. It is 15 to 18 degrees in width.

It is divided into 27 zones. Each zone is called a star or constellation. Each star zone is ruled by a Planet.

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Astrology Chart

The Zodiac is mapped in your astrology chart. The 12 zones are shown below. Each zone is a Sign.

A house begins from a cusp and ends in the next. Each sign has 30 . Each contains 2 and 1/4 stars.


Astrology Signs

Zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts called astrology signs. Each sign measures 30 degrees.

All planets move in these signs. Each planet gets its results modified as it moves along these signs.


As per definition of Astrology Ascendant is that part of Zodiac which rises in the east at the time of child birth. Your first house begins from here.

It is also the exact point of Zodiac that rises in the east at the beginning time of any event.


Lagna is the Term for the Ascendant at any time in Vedic Astrology. It is the Nirayana Ascendant. From the Sayana Value of the Ascendant the Ayanamsa for a year is deducted to calculate the Nirayana Ascendant.

Celestial Equator

Astrology and Astronomy define Celestial Equator as the imaginary line drawn in the Heavens above every point in the Earth’s Equator. It is the projection of the Earth’s Equator in the Celestial Sphere or Heavens.

Table Of Houses

As per definition of Astrology the Table Of Houses is the Ready Reckoner by Raphael to find the cusps of Astrology Houses 10, 11, 12, Ascendant, 2 and 3 for each latitude for each meridian degree from 0 Aries to 30 Pisces.

Cusp or Cusps

Cusps are the exact points where astrology houses begin in the zodiac. If the Ascendant is 15 deg Aries, the 1st cusp begins at 15 deg Aries. The space between 1st and the next cusp in Taurus belongs to the 1st house.

For example if the second cusp is at 15 deg Taurus and 3rd cusp begins at 15 deg Gemini, you say that the second astrology house begins at Taurus 15 degrees and extends up to Gemini 15 degrees. It is your second house.

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