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Houses 11 & 12

Among Astrology Houses, your 11th shows fulfillment of desires. It tells you if you are lucky or very unlucky.

Your Eleventh house confirms your profits and success in all activities, business deals, goals, and projects.

On the other hand, your 12th house negates the results of your 11th. It gives you loss and untold sufferings.

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The 11th House

Among astrology Houses, your 11th indicates success. It gives you success in undertakings, peace of mind, and satisfaction of the winners.

A good 11th house shows that you will be surrounded by well meaning friends, relatives, admirers, followers, supporters, and well wishers.

Health & Disease

A good 11th house ensures good health. Study it well and you can tell if a cure is possible or not.

If your 11th cusp sub lord is posited in the star of a planet that signifies 5 or 11, cure is promised. If it signifies house 6 and 12, cure is not promised.

11th House & Death

Your 11th house signifies death, if your ascendant is in a movable sign such as Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. It also indicates the time of death.

Fulfills Aspirations

Among astrology houses, the 11th represents your hopes, ambitions, desires, and aspirations. It also indicates your pleasure, happiness, and prosperity.

It shows the progress or delay in your projects.

Close Friendships

Your 11th house denotes true, lasting, and life long friendships. Who ever is indicated by 11th house plays an important role in your good name, fame, and riches. The 11th house shows your profits and incoming wealth.

Luck & Easy Gains

Among astrology houses, your 11th represents your left ear, right foot, your left hand, and knee. It shows your influence, luck, and easy gains. It shows devotion to God. It indicates happy news and dawn of fortune.

Denotes Relatives

The 11th house shows horses, elephants, vehicles, furniture, ornaments, swinging cradles, and royal decorations. It indicates your son in law and daughter in law. It also refers to your elder brother, and paternal uncle.

Twelfth House

Among the astrology houses, your 12th house has got more influence in depleting your money reserves. You lose money by loss, theft, and by cheating. You lose it by gifts. You lose money by donations to some one.

All such losses are shown by your 12th house. It shows your purchases and investments as these transactions involve spending money. Suppose you deposit money in bank or mutual fund, it shows in your 12th house.

Money Lost

Among astrology houses, the 12th shows how you lose your money. It governs all your obstacles, restraints, limitations, and extravagant expenses. It governs moneys lost through opposite sex and by blackmails.

If your 12th house is afflicted, has aspects from evil planets, and is related to your 1, 8, and 5, you can not be happy. You will suffer silently with untold sorrows. You will be tormented by blackmail threats and fear.

Separation & Solitude

Among astrology houses, 12th shows separation from your wife and life in solitude. It reveals your sins, sorrows, miseries, misfortunes, poverty, and imprisonment. It confirms your inferiority complex and secret toil of mind.

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