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Study Three Houses

If you are born in Virgo, your love match astrology needs the study of three houses in your birth chart.

You have to examine your 5th house for your love affairs. You must study your 7th house to know your lovers.

From his 5th house, you can find out if he also loves you or not. Cancer his fifth denotes his love for you.

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Houses Of Love

Pisces, your 7th house from Virgo denotes your lover. Capricorn, your 5th denotes your love.

Cancer, his 5th house from your 7th house, denotes the affairs of your fiancé. Form these houses, how do you know if he truly loves you?

Is It True Love?

Love Match Astrology answers. The clue is in your 7th cusp sub lord. Find out where he is deposited.

If he is in the star of a planet who signifies your 5th house, and his 5th house, he loves you. If it also signifies your 11th house, his love is true.

Multiple Affairs

How will you know if your fiancé does not have multiple love affairs? Check the sub lord of his 5th cusp. Is he in a dual sign like Gemini or Pisces?

If he is in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, or Gemini, you can conclude that he has many affairs.

Lover Or Paramour

Love Match Astrology also defines a second condition. Study the sub lord of his 5th cusp.

Is he posited in the constellation of a planet who occupies or owns a dual sign? If these above two conditions are at once satisfied, he is a paramour.

Bee on A Flower

He will not stick to you for long. Like a bee he sits on one flower and flies to the next. You can correct yourself before it is too late and he departs.

Will He Live Long?

Love match astrology also guides you about your lover’s longevity. For this you have to study his badaka sthanas and maraka sthanas. Badaka, and Maraka are words denoting death. These are houses signifying his death.

If you have Astrology Virgo, then your lover has Pisces as his Lagna. As Pisces is a common sign, its badaka sthana is his 7th which is your own ascendant sign Virgo. Therefore you have to examine Aries and Virgo.

Timely Warning

Love Match Astrology warns you if your lover has a short life span. Examine the sub lord of his ascendant. See in which star he is deposited. If that star is a significator of Aries and Virgo then his life will be short.

To know when his life will end, you have to find the time when he runs the conjoined period the significators of Pisces, Aries and Virgo. As the end signifies the native, you have to definitely consider the 1st house too.

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