Will I Have A Child Or Not?
Aries Children Astrology

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Will I have A child?

We use aries children astrology as a model from the 12 signs to examine if you will ever have a child or not.

Will I have a child at all? is one of the most pressing questions in the minds of most of the modern ladies.

The methods of calculations used to predict if you will have a child or not apply to all the 12 astrology signs.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Stellar Astrology

Stellar astrology answers this question. It divides the zodiac into 249 zones. And when you put the query if you will have a child, I ask you to give a number between 1 and 249. This number represents your ascendant cusp.

Examine the 5th Cusp

I erect a horary astrology chart for that number and examine your 5th cusp. It answers your question for Aries children astrology. You will be able to produce a child if the following 3 conditions are simultaneously satisfied.

1. The sub lord of your 5th cusp is not in retrograde motion. 2. It is not deposited in the constellation of a planet in retrograde motion. 3. It should be a significator of your 2nd house , 5th house, or your 11th house.

Conditions For Child Birth

If any one of these 3 conditions is not fulfilled, you will not be able to produce a child. It applies whether it is for Aries children astrology or for any other astrology sign. All 3 must be satisfied to ensure child birth.

Time Of Child Birth

If you ask me when you will have a child, I first I ensure that all these above 3 conditions are fully satisfied. Then you will have your child during the conjoined period of the significators of your 2nd, 5th, and 11th house.

Dasa, Bukthi, & Anthara

Whether it is for Aries children astrology or for any other sign, you will be running a Major period of a Planet. It is known as your Dasa. It will have 9 sub periods corresponding to each of the 9 planets. This is your Bukthi.

Dasa and Bukthi are time zones calculated as per Vedic Astrology. Bukthi of a planet will be again sub divided into 9 time zones corresponding to each of the 9 planets. These time zones are called Antharas.

The conjoined period

The Antharas are further sub divided into 9 sub time zones called sookshmas. At any time of your life you will be running the Major period of one planet, its sub period of one planet and its sub sub period of one planet.

It means whether it is in Aries Children astrology or for any other astrology sign, at any point of time you will be running the conjoined period of a Dasa of one planet, a Bukthi of one planet , and an Anthara of one planet.

Any matter fructifies during the time when the conjoined period of the significators for that matter operates in your Dasa, Bukthi, and Anthara.

When You will Have Your Child

Suppose Mercury is the significator for your 2nd house. Venus is the significator for your 5th. Sun is the significators of your 11th. You will give birth to your child during the conjoined period of Mercury, Venus, and Sun.

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