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2nd Cusp Sub Lord

Personalities of astrology signs depend upon the sub lord of the cusp of the house under consideration.

You consider the 1st house for Longevity. You analyze the 2nd for Family, Wife, Finance, and Fortune.

You can foretell your Finance and Fortune from your 2nd Cusp Sub Lord. He does not give his results.

But he acts as an Agent for another Planet. It all depends upon the constellation in which that sub lord is posited.

Star Lord Decides

Personalities of astrology signs vary with the Star in which this sub lord is posited. You have Nine Planets owning 27 Stars in your astrology chart. If the sub lord of your 2nd cusp is in Barani, it is in the star owned by Venus.

In reality, your 2nd cusp sub lord gives the results of Venus. If Venus owns, resides in, or aspects your 6th house, the sub lord of 2nd house gives to you the 6th house results of obstacles, disease, and sickness.

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Sub Lord Executes

You can say that the personalities of astrology signs are executed by the sub lord of that cusp. If the sub lord of your 2nd cusp resides in the Star of a planet signifying 2 and 11, you enjoy Profit, Finance, and Fortune.

In the same way, you can find the finance and fortune for your lover. Locate the sub lord of his 2nd cusp. Find out in which Star he is placed. If the lord of that Star refers to 2 and 11, the finance of your lover is good.

Sub Lord Is Agent

Therefore, the personalities of astrology signs are given by the sub lord of your 2nd cusp acting as an agent for the lord of the Star in which he is posited. The results of that star lord vary for different astrology signs.

We saw in the previous page how that Star Lord gives modified results while posited in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. Now we shall see what results you get when he is placed in other astrology signs like Cancer and Leo.

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Cancer & Leo

If the significator of your lover’s 2nd house is posited in Cancer, he likes commercial career and trading. He likes shops, stores, and hotels business. He works hard, saves, spends wisely, and accumulates wealth.

If the significator of his 2nd house is posited in Leo, he deals with hefty projects and attains high positions. He speculates, gambles, and invests in shares. Generous and Liberal as he is, he also faces his hard times.

Virgo & Libra

If the Star Lord in which the sub lord of the 2nd cusp resides, is posited in Virgo, Your lover has a natural commercial talent. He is self made. He is frugal in his expenses. He invests profitably and increases his wealth.

Personalities of Astrology Signs make you a spendthrift, if the significator of your 2nd cusp is in Libra. However, it gifts you with a great writing talent for stories and journalism. It also makes you a powerful salesman.

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Libra & Scorpio

Accordingly, you write short stories and novels and sell them to the media. You develop admirers and critics. You enter into partnerships. You keep financial advisers to guide you in your career, business, and investments.

Personalities of Astrology Signs for Scorpio vary, if your 2nd house significator is in that Sign. You earn a lot and spend as much. You make impulsive purchases. You are extravagant. But Fortune keeps favoring you.


If the significator for your 2nd house is in Sagittarius, you are honest in earning methods. You like pomp and show and spend much. By nature you will not keep black money, and you can not speculate in stocks and win.

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