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What Your 4th
House Means To You?

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Look Before You Leap

Vedic astrology online enables you to get accurate predictions. But mind you, not from every online website.

Before you take this help, you have to ascertain the credentials of the author of the said online web site.

Take the trouble to go through his pages on astrology and examine if the content is original and unique.

Know The Credentials

Know his credentials. It will pay you big dividends. This page details the matters governed by your 4th house. According to Vedic Astrology, it represents your mother. Westerners however assign it to mean your father.

The Mother Connection

The Hindus differ from this concept. Vedic astrology online maintains that the 4th house in the zodiac is the feminine sign Cancer, ruled by Moon. If Sun is Father Divine to humans, Moon is worshiped as The Mother Divine.

As per Vedic astrology predictions, the 4th house in one's horoscope refers to his or her mother. Besides mother, the 4th house refers to your home, residence, domestic environments, and your general condition in later life.

Info On The Hidden

Vedic astrology online calls your 4th house a 'grave'. Why? Because it is a store house of hidden things. It is concerned with your private affairs, secrets, and secret life. It also reveals if you have any hidden treasures.

As per Vedic astrology predictions, If you have Saturn posited in your 4th house and if it is beneficial, you will hoard wealth. An additional requisite is that this Saturn must receive beneficial aspects from the lords of 2 and 11.

Lands & Estates

Vedic astrology online teaches you that the 4th house refers to your lands, pastures, fields, and immovable properties. It also refers to the rented buildings you occupy and to the properties you give out on lease or for rent.

As per Vedic astrology predictions, your 4th house refers to all your dear permanent possessions like lands, fields, plots, estates, gardens, swimming pools, out houses, bungalows, restaurants, star hotels, and shopping malls.

Governs Vehicles

Vedic astrology online informs that your 4th house rules all your vehicles. It tells you whether you will have your own vehicle . It also reveals if you are blessed only to enjoy others vehicles as their driver or use vehicles for rent.

As per Vedic astrology predictions, the 4th house concerns with possessions like your cars, helicopters, and air planes. It also refers to your purchases, rentals, and disposal of your vehicles. It tells when you will buy or sell them.

Governs Inheritance

Vedic astrology online tells you if you will inherit any assets from your 4th house. You may inherit them from your family or fore fathers. It also concerns with what others bequeath to you as their gift in their testament.

As per vedic astrology, your 4th house is concerned your primary, school, and collegiate education. It governs your distinctions, degrees, diplomas, certificates, and the special attainments in your schooling and college days.

Accurate Predictions

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