Astrology Natal Chart
What Your 10th
House Means To You

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Success or Failure

Your astrology natal chart and its 10th house reveals if you will succeed or fail in your business.

A study of your 10th house reveals this. It shows your power, prestige, and status. It rules your business.

It predicts your business prospects. As per Vedic astrology, your tenth house rules your business success.

Power & Prestige

It also governs your reputation and achievements in your business. If the 10th cusp falls in a fruitful sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, your business will flourish.

Effect Of Signs

If the 10th cusp in your astrology natal chart falls in a barren sign, your business has poor chances to succeed. If it falls in a movable sign, there will be good progress. If it is in a fixed sign, you will have a steady business.

As per ancient astrology, if the 10th cusp falls in a common sign, your business will be good or bad depending on the aspects from other planets. For any sign, your 10th cusp must receive good aspects for healthy business.

The 10th Cusp Cusp

Your 10th cusp in your astrology natal chart will fall in a sign, star, and in a sub. You will have good business if your 10th cusp in your astrology natal chart falls in a good position. Let us say it falls in Saturn sub.

As per Tamil astrology, if Saturn occupies the star of Jupiter, and sub of Mercury, Saturn gives the results of Jupiter and Mercury. If both Jupiter and Mercury refer to good houses like 2 and 11, you will have good business.

Judging Profession

What if as per your astrology natal chart, the 10th cusp falls in an unfavorable sub. It means Jupiter and Mercury do not refer to good houses, but refer to evil house like 6, 8, or 12. In that case, your business will suffer.

Vedic astrology advises you to study both 2 and 6 along with 10 to determine your line of profession. 2nd house shows own income and 6th house shows service done under compulsion of circumstances.

Neptune in 10th

If Neptune is in your 10th house in your astrology chart, you will do well as a detective, singer, or writer. Neptune governs secrecy and inspiration. If it receives good aspects, you will achieve unique excellence.

As per vedic astrology, evil aspects to Neptune in 10 causes danger to one's parents. You will also suffer disgrace. As Neptune governs seas, you will do well as a naval officer or do marine related business.

Uranus in 10th

Uranus in 10 in your astrology natal chart can make you successful by good aspects from Mercury. Mercury denotes talent and Uranus denotes originality and genius. Many successful persons have Uranus in their 10.

As per ancient astrology, if Saturn is in 10th house, he will delay your promotion and material progress. Even if he receives good aspects, he will prevent smooth progress and you will have to struggle a lot to achieve little.

Jupiter in 10th

If you have Jupiter in 10 in your astrology natal chart, you will achieve high honors. You will also earn by the right means if Jupiter has good aspects. If the aspects are evil, you will only occupy subordinate positions and struggle.

Accurate Predictions

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