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Astrology Cancer Man

You have Moon Signs Astrology if your ascendant falls in cancer.

Ascendant is the degree minute and second of the celestial sphere, that rises in the east when you are born.

Ascendant decides your honor, dignity, and character. If you are an astrology Cancer man, you are born in the 4 th sign from Aries.

As the 4th, you are born in an even sign. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces are all even Signs. These are negative and feminine.

Sentimental & Psychic

Your Moon Signs Astrology is ruled by Water Element. Moon is fond of water. It stirs up mighty oceans, pulling their waters up during high tides, during full Moon and new Moons. It blesses you with a fertile imagination.

If you are an astrology cancer man, you too have a fertile imagination. Your health and constitution are weak. Ruled by Moon, you are timid and slow to act. You exhibit sentimental and psychic attainments.

Fruitful & Fertile

Astrology signs are divided into Movable, Fixed and Common. Moon Signs Astrology puts you in the Movable Sign. As such, you exhibit enterprise, enthusiasm, forcefulness, and ambitions. You love changes and reforms.

If you are an Astrology Cancer Man, you achieve name, fame, recognition, and popularity. You possess a go ahead spirit. As Cancer is a fruitful sign, you will father many children. It applies to Cancer women as well.


As per Moon Signs Astrology, if the significator of your Ascendant is in Cancer, you have a pale complexion and a clumsy body. You have a wide nose, large mouth, and brown hair. You develop a big paunch.


If you are an astrology Cancer man and if the significator of your Lagna or Ascendant is in Cancer, you exhibit changes. Ruled by emotions, you are over sensitive. Though brave in mind, you are timid in action.

As per Moon Signs Astrology, it applies to Cancer women too. You have a short temper. When sober, you employ discreetness and diplomacy. You have a keen memory. You are highly impatient. You exhibit selfishness.

Health & Disease

If you are an Astrology Cancer Man, your health is ascertained from the significator of your 6th house. If that Planet occupies Cancer, you will have fragile lungs. You are susceptible to Cold, Flu, Asthma, and TB.

As per Moon Signs Astrology, it applies to the Cancer woman as well. You are further likely to get Bronchitis, and Pleurisy. You will suffer from nerve damage, stomach upsets, dyspepsia, flatulence, and boils in the chest.

Psychic Disorders

You may also get Dropsy and Beri-Beri. You are further susceptible to melancholia and depression. You may suffer from debility, fear, psychosis, and hysteria. You may also get bile stones, gall stones, and Jaundice.

Finance & Fortune

In your astrology chart, if the significator of your 2nd house is in Cancer, you like Trading. You run hotels, shops, and super markets. You invest wisely and spend carefully. You amass wealth and become rich.

Romance & Love Affairs

As per Moon Signs Astrology, if you are a Cancer Man or Woman, your love affairs are to be known from the significator of your 5th house. If it occupies Cancer, you breathe and live by romance. You are sincere in love.

You consider love dearer to you than your life! Though fickle minded and possessive, you sacrifice comforts for your love. You can not bear even small disappointments. You are loyal and affectionate.

Correct Predictions

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