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Who Is Sterile?
Husband Or Wife?

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Who Is Sterile?

Indian Vedic Astrology clearly reveals why you don't have a child. Either you or your husband may be sterile.

At times both you and your husband may be sterile. Vedic Astrology uses horary astrology to find this.

Vedic Astrology refined by modern scientific stellar horary astrology gives such most accurate predictions.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology follows scientific stellar astrology which is the refined Vedic Astrology. Here the zodiac is divided into 249 zones. I ask you for a number between 1 and 249. The number you give decides your ascendant.

I erect a horary chart or horary astrology chart for you for that number defining the ascendant. I examine your 2nd cusp, 5th cusp, and your 11th cusp to find out if you will produce a child or if you are sterile.

The Three Conditions

If you are a woman examine your 5th house for children. The 5th cusp gives the clue. To have a child 3 conditions should be simultaneously satisfied.

1. The sub lord of your 5th house should not be retrograde
2. The 5th cusp sub lord should not be deposited in the constellation of a retrograde planet.
3. The 5th cusp sub lord should be a significator of your 2nd, 5th, or 11th house.

As per Indian Vedic Astrology if these 3 conditions are not simultaneously met, you will not be able to produce any child. You are sterile. You can fondle others children only. Now let us see if your husband can have a child.

Is your Husband Sterile?

Indian Vedic Astrology says that your 11th cusp is the 5th cusp for your husband. If these above 3 conditions are not fulfilled for your 11th cusp sub lord, then your husband will not be able to produce any child. He is sterile.

If you fulfill all the 3 conditions and your husband is sterile, you will produce children from persons other than your husband. If your husband is fertile and you are sterile, he will produce children through other women.

A client's Example

A client came to me on 14-12-2011 and posed this question. She gave No. 6 between 1 and 249. I erected a chart for her which is given as a link below. You can study her 5th cusp, 2nd and 11th cusp to know the result.

Click here to see the client's horary chart and right click to download it.

Note the sub lord of the 5th cusp. It is Jupiter. It is retrograde. So she cannot produce a child. She is Sterile. Note the sub lord of the 11th cusp. It is again Jupiter which is retrograde. So her husband also is sterile.

For this client one of the 3 conditions is not met for both husband and wife proving both to be sterile. It proves how Indian Vedic Astrology when used as per horary method gives precise & accurate answers to your questions.

Accurate Predictions

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