Indian Vedic Astrology
What Your 6th
House Means To You?

Kannan M

House of Sickness

Indian Vedic Astrology tells you that your 6th house is the House of Sickness. It indicates your disease.

It also shows the real state of your affliction. It reveals how long you will suffer and when you will recover.

As per Vedic astrology, the 6th house denotes disease, 12th hospitalization, and your 11th house shows recovery.

The Logic

Why? The 11th house is 6th to your 6th house, and 12th to the 12th house. As per vedic astrology, a house negates the results of its next higher house. As such 9th negates 10th, 10th negates 11th, and 11th negates 12th house.

Disease & Recovery

Indian vedic astrology explains this further. As your 12th house shows your hospitalization, your 11th house which negates the results of your twelfth house, enables cure and permits discharge of the patient from the hospital.

According to vedic astrology, 6th house denotes disease and your eleventh house is the 6th to your 6th house. Therefore, it causes sickness to your sickness and it drives your disease away. It triggers your healing and cure.

Shows Malnutrition

Indian vedic astrology holds your 6th house as important for those who deal with nursing and treatment of the sick. You may be sick due to malnutrition. This house throws light on defective nutrition and nutritional deficiencies.

According to vedic astrology, Saturn in your 6th houses makes you hate food or cause under nourishment in some other ways. Mars in the 6th house makes you overindulge and suffer by indigestion, obesity, or heart disease.

Mars & Jupiter

Indian vedic astrology points out that Mars is related to blood and presence of Mars in 6 will cause blood pressure, anemia, and other blood related diseases. Jupiter in 6th house shows generally good health but not always.

Vedic astrology explains that when you are abstemious about food, and when you indulge in fasting for a good cause, it may be due to Jupiter in 6. Nevertheless, you suffer from under nutrition, weakness, and ill health.

Excess Indulgence

Indian vedic astrology states that Moon makes you whimsical. And if your 6th house falls in a watery sign like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, liquor will entice you more and you will be tempted to become a habitual drunkard.

Vedic astrology supports this further saying that the desire to get intoxicated comes when Moon occupies your 6th house. As Moon is said to represent water, it fosters your proclivity or weakness for drinks and over indulgence.

Venus & Liquor

Indian vedic astrology is of the view that like Moon makes you fond of drinks and spirits, Venus too affects your habit of drinking. Venus in your 6th house makes you like good food of high quality. You like rich food and nice drinks.

However, by his romantic nature, Venus makes you show off your opulence. He challenges your ability to withstand any number of drinks. He makes you indulge in excess. And as a result, excessive drinking endangers your health.

Accurate Predictions

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