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How Long One Will Live?

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Stars In Gemini

You have astrology horoscope Gemini, if your ascendant cusp falls any where in the Sign of Gemini.

Gemini is the third Sign from Aries. It occupies 60 to 90 deg in the Zodiac. It is a dual and common sign.

It has three constellations. These are Mrigasira ruled by Mars, Arudhra by Rahu, & Punarvasu by Jupiter.

Zones Modify Results

Any planet situated in any of these stars, gives the results of that star lord. He controls that zone and gives his results through its occupant.

XI Aries XII Taurus I Gemini
II Maraka
V Libra IV Virgo

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Judging Occupants

In astrology horoscope Gemini, the lord of the ascendant sign or your first house is Mercury. He also owns Virgo. The planets occupying Gemini give the results of Mars, Rahu, or Jupiter in their Dasa Bukthi sub Periods.

Why? These occupants are stronger than owner of the house or star. Let us say you have Saturn in your ascendant sign and let it be in Arudra Star.

Saturn Gives Rahu's Results

Arudra is owned by Rahu. Though this zone in Gemini is owned by Rahu, Saturn in Arudra gives the results of 8th house and of Rahu as he is in 8.

House Of Death

In astrology horoscope Gemini, the 1st house Gemini is a common sign. It has its Badhaka and Maraka sthanas in its 7th house of Sagittarius. In this horoscope, the 7th house therefore signifies death to the native.

Besides this, the 2nd house from Gemini, and 7th too are Maraka Sthanas or houses of death for Gemini Borns. This rule applies to all such persons. 7th house is also the Kendra Sthana or Corner house and is an evil one.

Predict Life Span

In astrology horoscope Gemini, Sagittarius, is the Maraka, Badhaka, and Kendra sthana. Therefore it is trebly evil to cause death. In predicting longevity, you have to analyze all these Badhaka and Maraka Houses.

How to predict how long one will live? Find which planets refer to 2 and 7. If the sub lord of the horary ascendant is deposited in the Star of a Planet that signifies these houses of 2 and 7, then that person will not live long.

Predict Diseases

In astrology horoscope Gemini, the 6th cusp foretells disease. If the sub lord of the 6h cusp or 1st resides in the star of a planet that signifies 6 & 1, he will fall sick during the conjoined period of planets signifying 1 & 6.

If that 6th house significator is also connected with 5, he will recover. If it is connected with 6 and 12, he will be hospitalized. If connected with 8 and 6, the native meets with accidents, falls sick, or may succumb to it.

Predict Marriage

In astrology horoscope Gemini, marriage and marital life are predicted from the 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses counted from Gemini. You have to calculate by judging the 7th cusp and significators of 2, 7, and 11.

To know when you will get married, I shall examine your 7th cusp sub lord. If it is in the star of a planet who signifies 2, 7, and 11, your marriage is assured. It will be in the conjoined period of the significators of 2, 7, & 11.

Accurate Predictions

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