Vedic Astrology Describes
What Your 7th
House Means To You

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Your Earthly Ties

Vedic Astrology defines your 7th house as the house of your earthly ties. It shows your contacts in life.

Whoever comes in contact with you and whoever you go and contact are shown by your seventh house.

Your wife, business partners, your associates, friends, and contacts are clearly shown by your 7th house.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa Your Contacts As per Tamil Astrology, if you quarrel with some, argue with someone else, and engage in a brawl with an another, all these persons are shown by your 7th house. This house governs all your earthly contacts.

Public Relations

Therefore as per vedic astrology, your doctor, patient, lawyer, client, teacher, student, plumber, electrician, carpenter, call taxi driver, buyer, seller, mediator, and negotiator are all governed by your 7th house.

As per birthday astrology, if your natal chart is correct, it throws light on your 7th house matters. If your 7th house receives good aspects from beneficial planets, you will have good relations with others.

Smooth Or Hostile
Vedic Astrology

Astrology holds that you'll have a smooth relation with these persons, if your 7th cusp receives favorable aspects from good planets. Aspects from evil planets makes you hostile and unfriendly to others.

As per astrology texts, if you have good planets in your 7th house and if they receive good aspects from lucky planets in your astrology natal chart, you will be most popular and you will be liked by one and all.

Legal Bondage

As per Tamil Astrology, if your 7th house, 7th cusp, or planet in your 7th house receives aspects from evil planets, your relations will suffer. You will be unpopular. Even though good, others dub you as a sadist.

Tamil astrology says that the 7th house is your house of legal bondage. All oral and written contracts & agreements come under this house. Depending on the above aspects, these contracts will fructify or perish.

Marital Happiness

As per Astrology 7th house defines your marriage. If the aspects are good, you will get a beautiful and dignified wife from a good family. If these aspects are bad, she will not have good qualities or virtues.

A word about the 7th house & marriage. As per ancient astrology, 7th house refers to your spouse. It shows your legal bondage to her. But she will be good only if your 2nd and 11th houses are favorable to you.

Examine 2nd & 11th

Vedic astrology states that your second house shows your family, any addition to your family by husband, wife, or child. So if one has to be your husband or wife, you must see if your second house supports it.

It does not stop there. As per ancient astrology, your 11th house shows permanent tie by love. Who else will love you better than your spouse? So for marital success you must see if the 11th house supports it.

Three Must Agree

Therefore Vedic Astrology insists that when you look for wife or husband, you must examine not only the 7th house, but also your 2nd and 11th houses. Your marriage will succeed only if all the 3 houses agree.

Accurate Predictions

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