What Astrology Aquarius
Means To You?

Kannan M

Your Characteristics

If you are one born with astrology Aquarius you will be intelligent. You will mostly be careful and cautious.

You are slow in grasping information. But you remember things and exhibit an excellent memory in all matters.

You are outspoken, patient, tolerant, unselfish, and you exhibit a broad outlook about the events around you.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Finance & Fortune

You have the talent to easily make money. You invent many new strategies to achieve your financial goals. You are neither economical nor extravagant. You are gifted with the rare talents to make inventions and discoveries.

Love & Romance

As per love match astrology, astrology Aquarius makes you love an educated person. Once you select someone, you become strongly attached. You take things easily. You do not restrict your partner from being social with others.

You care for your lover so much. You adjust, adapt, and accommodate to the wishes of your lover. Sympathetic as you are, you forgive the small mistakes of your lover. This makes your love grow strong and take deep roots.

Health & Disease

If you are born with astrology aquarius you are not strong in your health. You have the tendency to develop tooth troubles, heart disease, rheumatic arthritis, and skin disease. You tend to remain mostly below normal health.

Aquarius astrology born persons are prone to suffer from elephantiasis. Eczema is another affliction common to aquarius astrology borns. You must watch out for hyper tension, blood pressure, insomnia, and oral infections.

Accurate Predictions

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