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The Fourth House

Among the astrology houses, the 4th denotes your mother, residence, home, and domestic environments.

It reveals the details about your secrets, secret life, and private affairs. It shows your real character.

The 4th house shows your learning, your mastery of sacred texts, and education in Schools and University.

Lands & Vehicles

The 4th indicates your estates and vehicles. If you have one car or a fleet of cars is known from your 4th house. It refers to your taxis and air planes. It shows your lands, buildings, estates, hereditary properties, and treasures.

Clue About Thefts

Among astrology houses only the 4th reveals the location of your stolen property. It shows your trust, false allegation, entrance to a house, and celestial food. It refers to boats, wells, ponds, milk, and water.

The Fifth House

The 5th house refers to your kids. It denotes your artistic talents and gains. It reveals the luck of your wife and partner. It refers to your discrimination, wisdom, religious mind, morals, and mantra chanting.

It indicates your pleasures, entertainments, sports, movies, and romance. The 5th in the astrology houses refers to races, lottery, and share dealings. It shows rape, kidnap, and matters of your love affairs.

Tastes & Fancies

Your 5th house confirms your tastes and fancies. It refers to cinema, drama, opera, casino, music, and dance. It indicates cards, puzzles, dice, and betting. It indicates your pleasures with attractive women.

Love Affairs

From among these astrology houses, your 5th house gives information about your love. Similarly the 5th house for your lover is important to know about him. Your 11th house gives you the details about his love affairs.

Spiritual Practices

Your 5th house also describes your spiritual practices. It governs your profound learning. It governs your mastery of holy scriptures, and chanting of mantras. It refers to your discrimination between virtue and vice.

The Sixth House

Among astrology houses, the 6th has a bad reputation. It is your House of Sickness. It denotes disease, diets, and nursing. It refers to employees, and servants. Pet animals and tenants are also read from your sixth house.

The 6th house also denotes debts and enmity. It indicates obstacles in any undertaking. It also refers to your miserliness. It points to intense anguish and insanity. It shows your untimely meals, theft, and calamities.

Info On Partners

The 6th in the astrology houses refers to your maternal uncle. It indicates favorable results in competition. It throws light on your partner or opponent. It refers to his loss, investment, and to his secret enemies.

Accurate Predictions

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