Astrology Houses –9 & 10
Status & Reputation

Kannan M

Ninth House

Among astrology houses, the ninth shows your Wisdom. It also shows your lofty beliefs and your religion.

This house shows how orthodox and devoted you are in strictly following your religious rituals and practices.

Your 9th house also indicates your faith in God, your devotion unto Him, and explains your modes of worship.

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Medium & Intuition

Your ninth astrology house also refers to mediums, meditation, intuition, and spiritual attainments.

It governs temples, mosques, churches, and your pilgrimage trips to holy places. It also governs sacrifices, charity, and devotion to Almighty God.

Invention & Discovery

Among astrology houses, your 9th house refers to new ideas, exploration, invention, and discoveries.

It signifies your father and also your Guru or your spiritual teacher. It indicates dreams, visions, and communication with the departed and the spirits.

Foreign Travel

The ninth house also governs your long journeys, sea voyage, and air travel. It shows your aptitude or inclination to study Legal Arbitration or Law.

You delight in publishing books of intrinsic value. You can write well about travel and religion.

Your 9th of astrology houses governs matters of your pass port, immigration, emigration, imports, exports, customs, and the international business.

It controls marine, shipping, land, and air travels.

Rules The Wireless

The 9th house governs long distance and wire less communications. It rules E Mail, satellites, internet, and cell phone towers. It also governs microwave radio transmissions, cables, wireless, and Wi-Fi.

Tenth House

Among astrology houses, the 10th governs your name, fame, honor, public esteem, and prestige. It shows your power, credit, status, rank, respect, and lordship. It also governs your dignity, status, renown, and reputation.

Profession & Business

Your 10th house governs your profession and business. It indicates your appointment, placement, promotion, and advancement. It refers to your sacred rites for your parents. It also refers to your master, and employer.

Among astrology houses the 10th shows high standard of life and honors from the Government. It shows your prominence, and seal of authority. It governs your pilgrimage to holy places and command of mantras.

Lordship & Presidency

The 10th house governs horse races and your athletic activities. It shows your valor, prowess, learning, and fame. It governs judges, presidents, and aristocracy. It also governs your retirement from worldly activities.

Trade & Economics

Among astrology houses, the 10th governs Rain. It refers to the Head of State, and National Leaders. It governs National trade and Economics. The 10th house also reveals about stolen goods taken away by the thieves.

As 10th house is 2nd to the 9th, it shows your father’s earnings. Being 2nd to 9th it indicates death to father. Being 7th to 4th, it indicates death to your mother. As such it signifies danger to life of both of your parents.

Info on Fiance From
9th & 10th House

Among astrology houses, the 9th and 10th reveal lots of info about your fiance. The 9th tells you about his mental skills, memory, and abilities. It tells you if he can shine in printing, telecommunication, or IT lines.

In love match astrology, your 7th house denotes your fiance. 10th is 4th to his Ascendant. It tells you about his mother, home, and her family. It also tells you about his level of learning and about his share of properties.

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