Ancient Astrology Reveals
What Your 11th
House Means To You

Kannan M

House of Friends

Of all the astrology houses in your birth chart, you find the 11th house alone to be the most interesting.

Both ancient astrology of the Hindus and that of the West praise the 11th as a lucky house of true friendships.

A knowledge of zodiac signs astrology is incomplete if you do not know the significance and luck of 11th house.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Savings & gains

It denotes your savings, profits, gains, and pleasures. Houses 1 to 10 gives you income in one way or other. House 12 shows expenses and investments. The eleventh alone shows the difference in your savings and overall gains.

Success In Attempts

According to ancient astrology, your 11th house confirms success of your attempts. Whatever you do, its success or failure is shown by the 11th house. Whether it is a deal or litigation, your know its success from the 11th.

Denotes Healing

According to zodiac signs astrology, your 11th house denotes healing from a disease. The 6th house denotes disease. The 6th to 6th is 11th. Therefore, your 11th house defeats the effects of 6th by curing you from the disease.

It also denotes your discharge from the hospital. Here you find an obvious logic in all these deductions of ancient astrology. The 12th house denotes hospitalization. Find out how your 11th house is related to the 12th house.

The Logic

Your 11th house is 12th to the 11th. As per zodiac signs astrology, the 12th negates the results of your ascendant or the 1st house. If the 1st house gives good health, your 12th opposes it by giving illness and hospitalization.

Ancient astrology follows the same logic in getting you out. Just like 12 cancels the results of 1, your 11th cancels the results of the 12th. It was 12 which caused hospitalization. Therefore the 11th enables your discharge.

Life Long Ties

As per zodiac signs astrology, the 11th house shows permanent ties of love and affection. It denotes all your friends, admirers, and well wishers. It also denotes your followers and flatterers. Moreover, it denotes your wife. How?

Wife & The 11th

As per ancient astrology, wife comes to you in a legal bondage shown by the 7th house. She is an addition to your family shown by the 2nd house. She marries you for pleasure and life long friendship, shown by your 11th house.

Success & Gains

Like this, Zodiac signs astrology reigns supreme with its logic governing the house division. It says that your 11th house indicates pleasures, profits, and gains. As such you know if an action will bring you success from your 11th.

As per ancient astrology. success in any undertaking is to be found from the 11th house. Success in court cases, litigation, real estate deals, business negotiations, lottery, gambling, and races are to be known from your 11th.

Fulfills Ambitions

As per zodiac signs astrology, your love will fructify if it is sanctioned by the 11th house. Your desires, ambitions, and aspirations will be fulfilled if shown by your 11th. You will regain your lost contacts if your 11th promises that.

As per ancient astrology, if your wife leaves you, that she will return or not is shown by your 11th. If the planets signifying 11th also refer to 2 and 7, she will join you during the joint periods of the significators of 2, 7, and 11.

Accurate Predictions

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