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Signs For Sagittarius

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Stars In Sagittarius

Your compatible astrology signs are dependent on the stars in your sign. Let us study these for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius extends from 240 deg to 270 deg in the Zodiac. It measures 30 degrees and it has three zones.

It is divided into three constellations or Stars. The first star is Moolam. It covers 13 deg 20 min in Sagittarius.

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It is followed by the next two stars Poorvashada for the next 13 deg 20 min, and Uthrashada which extends over the balance 3 deg 20 min.

Family & Finance

Suppose your Lagna is in the middle region of Sagittarius. Then your 2nd house will be Capricorn. This with 11 reveals your family and finances.

It is your compatible sign when it is supported by 11. Hence your compatible astrology signs for family or finance are 2 and 11 from Sagittarius.

These are Capricorn and Libra. If planets referring to the 2nd house are in the sub of significators of 2 and 11 these are truly your compatible signs.

These signs of 2 & 11 confirm your 2nd marriage.

Home & Estates

4th to Sagittarius is Pisces. Both Pisces and Libra are compatible astrology signs for Sagittarius. Pisces governs your home, vehicles, and estates.

4th also governs your education and domestic life. Study the significators of the 4th. Are they in the star and sub zones of significators of 4 and 11?

If so, these are your compatible signs. They favor domestic happiness and possession of estates.

Love Affairs

In love match astrology for Sagittarius your 5th or Aries and 11th or Libra are your compatible astrology signs for all kinds of your love affairs.

These signs confirm to you if you are truly in love.

Test For Love

If the 5th cusp sub lord is in the star of a planet who is a significator of your 7th house and 11th house, it proves that you are in fruitful love. In horary astrology If it denotes 10 or 6, this love is bound to fail.

Business & Fame

Virgo & Libra are your compatible Astrology Signs for name, fame and business success. The 10th house to Sagittarius is Virgo. It governs your name, fame, and business. It is your compatible sign for business success.

Study the 10th house significators. If these are in the star and sub of 10 and 11, then the matters of 10th house will flourish. If these are in the star and sub of 9 or 12, these matters will not fructify.

Fulfillment of Desires

Libra is one of your most important compatible astrology signs. The 11th house to Sagittarius is Libra. It is the house of true friendships. It shows whether an attempt or your effort will be successful or it will end in failure.

It confirms fulfillment of desires. It is your best compatible sign. Among the 12 astrology houses 11th house coordination is a must for a house matter to flourish. In horary astrology 11th sub lord plays a major role.

Defeat of Enemy

For Sagittarius the 6th and 11th are the compatible astrology signs for the defeat of your enemy. 7th shows your enemy. Your 6th is 12th to the 7th. Therefore if a matter refers to 6 and 11, it means defeat for your enemy.

If your ascendant is in Sagittarius, 6th falls in Taurus and 11th in Libra. Taurus and Libra are the compatible signs for your enemy’s downfall.

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