Romance Compatibility Astrology
Ensures Marital Success

Kannan M

Love & Romance

Romance compatibility astrology saves you from marital failures. It saves you from agonies of divorce.

Love match astrology has scientific methods to prejudge the qualities of your lover before you marry him.

It uses the highly advanced stellar scientific horary astrology to judge if your lover is true to you or not.

Avoid Mental Panic

Love blindeth your eyes. When you love someone his mistakes are not visible to you. Therefore you blindly believe that he will be always faithful to you. But it is far from true. Most love affairs fail after marriage.

Romance compatibility Astrology saves you from these pitfalls. It is a product of love match astrology. If you want to know whether your lover will be true I analyze your horary horoscope and tell you clearly yes or no.

How To Judge?

How? I ask you to give me a number between 1 and 249. In stellar astrology we divide the zodiac into 249 portions. Your number defines your ascendant. When I analyze it I get the answer to your question.

Romance compatibility astrology gives you a favorable answer if your horary chart shows that your 5th house significator is also a significator of your 7th and 11th house. If it is not so then your love will not fructify.

Stellar Astrology

In love match astrology I follow the scientific principles of stellar astrology. Your 7th house refers to your lover. Your 11th house refers to his 5th house or his love. Your 5th house is the 11th house for your lover.

Therefore romance compatibility astrology is successful if there is a close relationship between your 5th, 7th, and 11th house in your horary astrology chart. In this method I have saved thousands of clients from disaster.

Accurate Predictions

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