Is There Anything Such As
Your True Astrology Sign?

Kannan M

Misleading Terminology

Your true astrology sign is a highly misleading term. There is no such thing. This terminology misleads you.

Your personality and characteristics are known only from your ascendant or your first astrology house.

Therefore your ascendant house or your first house is more important than the sign where it begins or falls.

What Is Your Territory?

The word sign denotes a territory. Your territory starts from the starting point of your first astrology house. Only that portion of the sign starting from the first cusp belongs to you. This alone reveals the facts about you.

Importance of Ascendant

In horary astrology the sub lord of the ascendant gives clue to your health, wealth, name, fame, reputation, and success in your ventures. Horary astrology is more scientific than natal astrology based on your birth time.

In natal astrology too the first house reveals all such matters. But it reveals such matters with much less accuracy. Hence the term your true astrology sign has no meaning. A sign is akin to a vast area or territory like Europe.

Location Decides Fate

But Europe has many countries like France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and Italy. Each of these countries have separate Governments and Rulers. In the same way an astrology sign has several zones ruled by different planets.

Only that zone in which your ascendant falls decides your fate and fortune. Therefore the term your true astrology sign is totally meaningless and misleading. Your location in that sign decides your personality and fate.

Accurate Predictions

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