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What is Zodiac?

Zodiac Astrology tells you all about the Zodiac. You can see the zodiac each day anywhere in the night sky.

You can see it from your own open terrace. You see it as a heavenly belt with different stars and planets.

You find Zodiac as the area which houses the 12 astrology signs and all the planets from Moon to Saturn.

Zodiac Dimensions

Scientifically speaking, you can say the Zodiac is 15 to 18 degrees wide. When you measure it with scientific instruments, it measures 360 degrees of longitude in the night sky. How do you get this magic number 360?

Scientific Reasoning

When you research into the Indian Legacy for occult sciences, you find that Zodiac Astrology was known to the ancient Sages in India. These intelligent men did intensive research in astronomy and astrology.

They divided the zodiac into 360 segments for many scientific reasons. For example, you find that it is the best number available for all your astrology calculations. You can divide the number 360 by all numbers from 1 to 9.

The Sun's Path

The ancients used this facility of 360 in zodiac astrology. When you think of it, they had been quite scientific in their reasoning. For example, you find that the Sun moves in its path daily on an average 1/360 of a circle.

In fact, the earth moves around the Sun. But, the Sun appears to move around the earth. It moves daily by one in its path each day and night. As such you find that the Sun completes 360 of motion in one full year.

The Twelve Signs

You can understand zodiac astrology yourself by a simple technique. Lie down face up on an open terrace and gaze at the night sky. You see a bight cloudy cluster of stars there. It looks like a belt around the sky.

This celestial belt of astrology signs is your Zodiac. If you count, you will find twelve of these signs. The first sign starts at Aries zero degree of the zodiac. It appears like a Goat or Ram. It covers 30 degrees in the zodiac.

Taurus & Gemini

The second sign in zodiac astrology starts at 30 and ends at 60 degrees. It appears to you like a bull with two horns with a red eye. This is your astrology sign Taurus. The 3rd sign Gemini covers 60 to 90 in the zodiac.

It looks to you like a pair of twins standing side by side. This is your next astrology sign Gemini. The fourth extends from 90 deg to 120 and is called Cancer. These four signs constitute the first 120 degrees in the zodiac.

Planetary Positions

You also find the various planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the some of these astrology signs. At any moment, you find that these planets occupy zodiac in various positions of longitude and latitude.

Whenever you are born, at that given moment the astrology signs are spread over in the sky in a particular order. The nine planets from Sun to Ketu also occupy precisely the same or different positions in the zodiac.

Beginnings of Astrology

This layout of these twelve signs with the exact positions of these planets decides your fate, fortune, or misfortune in your life. This is the finding of the ancient sages who had profound knowledge of astronomy & astrology.

Accurate Predictions

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Zodiac Signs Astrology

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