Free Astrology Prediction
Is My Name Unlucky?

Is My Name Unlucky?

Free Astrology Prediction cautions you if your name is unlucky.To find this take a number from 1 to 249.

Do a horary chart for that No. Your name is unlucky if your 11th cusp refers to evil houses 6, 8 or 12.

You can also find if your income will be ample or if your business will flourish by rewording your question.

A Real Life Study

In this astrogy free prediction the number you choose from 1 to 249 defines your ascendant for the horary chart. That number marks the starting point of the zodiac or the first cusp for your 1st house.

Recently a client came to me by name Raghav Kumar. He asked me this query "Is my name unlucky?' His name measured 18 + 15 = 33 as per Chaldean name numerology. It is supposed to be a good Number.

But there can be many evil names in number 33. That is why we check the name by horary astrology. He gave me this number 15. I drew a chart for him for 15 and examined it to find if his name is lucky.

Horary Chart For 15

His free astrology prediction confirmed that he was facing ill health, obstacles, misfortunes, and losses. It means that his present name Raghav Kumar is not lucky though it is in a so called good No. 33.

I want you to benefit from this chart by analyzing which I gave him this free astrology prediction that his name is not lucky. Right click the link below and open it in a new tab to study it with my notes on it.

Right Click this link and open in a new tab to study this chart for 15

Free Astrology Prediction -The Analysis

We we shall analyze to judge if the client's name is really unlucky. for this you have to judge the 11th cusp in his horary chart for number 15. Where does it fall? It is in Saturn's sub zone.

But Saturn gives the results of the constellation lord and sub lord for the location in which it is deposited. As such the constellation lord is Mars and the sub lord is once again Saturn.


In this free astrology prediction what does Mars signify? What does Saturn signify? Mars signifies the results of unlucky houses 8 and 12. Saturn signifies the results of unlucky house 6.

In real life astrology house 8 signifies obstacles, accidents, and death. House 12 denotes heavy loss, bad name, hospitalization, absconding, disrepute, and death. So both planets signify unlucky results.

Therefore conclude that this name Raghav Kumar is unlucky.

Stellar Astrology

In stellar astrology You can always reword the question and ask "Will this name make me rich?"or "Will this name make me successful in business?" You will get accurate answers for all such questions.

According to Vedic Astrology to find out if you will be rich you have to examine the 2nd cusp. Because the 2nd cusp informs you about your income, bank balance, and finance.

Why Horary

In this free astrology prediction we took horary astrology for analysis because it is the most accurate and scientific in its results. Even Westerners follow horary astrology to give predictions.

In vedic astrology horary was calculated for any number from 1 to 108. That can also be done. But the results are more accurate in stellar astrology where we divide the zodiac into 249 zones.

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