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Health Astrology helps you to identify your susceptibility for Disease and take preventive steps.

You may get disease in any of your glands, organs, systems, functions, or any where else in your body.

It is at that time you look for good remedies to arrest the vehemence of your disease or obtain your cure.

Astrology & Health

You must use Health Astrology to know what types of diseases that you will get and in what age. Each astrology house refers to certain matters in your chart. The 6th house answers these questions about your disease.

In the same way, each planet refers to certain diseases. For example, Venus refers to diabetes and venereal diseases. Moon relates to mental illness, depression, and schizophrenia. Mars refers to blood and anemia.

Venus And Diabetes

Health astrology says that when ever you run the conjoined periods of the planets for the 6th house, you will suffer from diseases ruled by these planets. These are known as your 6th house significators for your disease.

Suppose Venus refers to your 6th house. The long period of Venus extends for 20 years in your life. Though it promises riches, enjoyments, and sexual pleasures, it also refers to sugar, sweets, Venereal Disease, and diabetes.

Mars And Anemia

According to Health Astrology, Mars governs blood. When you run the period of Mars, you have all the chances to get into accidents and sustain bloody injuries. You may also donate blood to an accident victim.

You find that persons suffer from many types of anemia when they run Mars periods. Mars contributes to Venereal diseases as it involves infection of blood. Venus, the lord of love, takes the lead in causing these diseases.

Moon & Mental Illness

Health astrology says that Moon controls menstrual cycles of a woman. Folks believe that during lunar eclipse, it sends radiations and affects the fetus in a woman. Women turn moody on full Moon and new Moon days.

The word lunar refers to Moon. The word lunacy derives its etymology from Moon. The mentally sick persons are called lunatics. They behave wildly and turn worse on the new Moon days and on the full Moon days.

Links On Health Issues

We live in an ocean of pollution from air, food, water, and environment. This page contains links on health issues. We have no affiliations with any of them. But you may find these web sites interesting and useful.

Useful Health Links

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